Fresh worms from Lost Society: Sexual assault lawsuit

Update 11pm Wednesday - Lost Society has been locked down by the landlord for violating their Don't get customers killed clause (see Murdered bar patron is a second for Lower Greenville)

If BD has learned one thing about controversies on Lowest Greenville, it's this: Opening up one can of worms invariably will bring more cans of worms to be opened.

Today's latest offering - More worms from Lost Society's Brightman Nwatu, in the form of a lawsuit filed against him, Fernando Rosales and Lost Society. The claim: That Nwatu committed three acts of sexual assault on a waitress.

At this rate, BD will be sitting on the edge of White Rock Lake catching lots of fish for a long time.

Late Thursday afternoon, Nwatu's bond was increased to $25,000 and five more charges were filed against him.

According to Cause #CC-09-07139-B, filed in Dallas County originally filed in September 2009(with amendments), Evelyn Rodriguez was a newly-hired waitress on August 14, 2009. Starting Saturday, August 15, Nwatu attempted to give her some one-on-one employee training of the very personal kind (this content is rated NSFW).

On August 15, 16, and 17, 2009, Nwatu threatened to touch, and touched, [Rodriguez] in an offensive manner without her consent.

This first included forcing himself on Rodriguez in an attempt to kiss [her] in the early morning of Saturday, August 15, and her first day of work. It next included during the early evening of the same day and early morning of the next day, August 16 his locking the door to his office and forcing his upright body into that of Rodriguez and attempting to kiss her and then continuing to attempt to kiss her at other locations.

It also included Nwatu's insisting, in the early morning of August 16, that Rodriguez go with him to the roof of Lost Society and over her objection, forcibly pulling her upstairs and to the roof, and locking the door behind him, then forcing himself upon Rodriguez and forcing Rodriguez to touch his penis by grabbing her hand and bringing it to his penis and then asking her to kiss it and still attempting to kiss her.

On Sunday, August 17, Rodriguez then arrived for work at the request of Nwatu under false pretenses, and Nwatu subsequently locked Rodriguez in Lost Society' facility without her consent after making propositions of sexual intercourse to her, which she refused.

Rodriguez was forced to find her own means of escape without Nwatu's assistance or involvement.

Nwatu otherwise subjected Rodriguez to propositions of sexual intercourse and other sexually suggestive conduct. Nwatu's locking Rodriguez inside Lost Society' facility was the result of her objections to his forced attempts at sexually offensive contact and offensive contact, and other sexually suggestive conduct, and her refusal of Nwatu's propositions of oral sex and intercourse.

The petition continues by Fernando Rosales was negligent in hiring, supervising, training or retaining Nwatu. Ms Rodriguez is seeking actual damages, punitive damages, prejudgment interest and court costs. A review of the file jacket shows that attempts to mediate the case failed, and a trial date was set for this coming August. Ms Rodriguez also made a nearly 2-hour deposition on the incident, but that content is not included in the file jacket.

You can read the original pleading document here.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville