Even the Dallas Sheriff's Department is investigating Lost Society

The Dallas (County) Sheriff's Department has opened an internal affairs investigation into the presence of two off-duty officers who worked at Lost Society just one week after the fatal shooting of a club patron in early June. This investigation was revealed in a letter sent to the Texas Attorney General, asking they be allowed to keep a number of documents demanded by BD under an Open Records request confidential in order to avoid interfering with the detection, investigation or prosecution of a crime (Texas Gov't Code 552.108 (a) (1).

BD submitted a complaint on the two DSO officers, both of whom refused to provide him with their names and badge numbers upon request as required by Dallas Sheriff Department (DSO) regulations. BD also asked for a copy of the officers' off-duty work records, which would show their superiors knew they were working security outside of a bar on Lowest Greenville. And finally, BD was trying to find out why a DSO vehicle was parked in front of the club for nearly one hour that same evening (blocking traffic on Greenville Avenue). Sources in the department told BD papers regarding the work assignment were improperly written, and may have stated the officers would be working at a parking lot around the corner from the club (nearly 300 yards away from the front door).

According to the letter, sent to the Attorney General on Thursday in response to BD's open records request about the officers working at Lost Society:

The Dallas Sheriff's Department received a complaint ... on two officers who allegedly were working off-duty at a bar, in violation of the Department's Code of Conduct. (He) also made requests for copies of the officers off-duty work authorizations for this assignment at this (club) address.

The complaint is currently being investigated by the Internal Affairs unit of the Dallas Sheriff's Department. It is unknown whether the information compiled in the investigation will be referred to the Criminal Investigation Division. The Internal Affairs unit is still in the process of developing the evidence in the case and no decision has been made regarding criminal charges.

The complainant has alleged that one of the officers attempted to commit official oppression while in uniform. Alleged Official Oppression is a criminal offense which violates Texas Penal Code Section 39.03.

Dallas Sheriff Office Letter to TX Attorney General

The letter does not indicate a specific time frame in which the investigation will be completed. But in the past, the Texas Attorney General does not generally allow the long-term use of this waiver in order to conduct a long-term or never ending investigation designed to frustrate the person requesting the documents.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville