A little parking sanity is coming to Henderson Avenue

With all the attention on the parking issues around Henderson Avenue (or as we like to call it, Lowest Greenville 1998), you get the feeling you've seen this before.

About 20 years ago, M Streets residents complained about the loss of parking on their streets. And poof, the Dallas Fire Department came along and designated a whole bunch of streets as One Side No Parking. The rule is simple - if a big firetruck can't put its support pads out without crushing a car, the signs go up.

Ten years ago, when a proliferation of bars smacked the residents around Lowest Greenville with bar patron parking, the Dallas Fire Department came in and put One Side No Parking on streets like Prospect, Oram and La Vista Drive.

Over on Henderson, the same process has been going on, mostly on little streets on the western side of Henderson Avenue near Belmont. Of course, as happens every time the signs go in, the bar patrons tell the residents they should move out and shut up. In today's mailbag, BD finds more reasons for the bar patrons to kvetch and the residents to celebrate. Way over on the other end of the Henderson strip, right at Central Expressway, Dallas Fire / Rescue has requested the installation of One Side No Parking on the 5200 block of Willis, the 5100 and 5200 blocks of Miller, the 5200 block of Monarch (closer to Ross Avenue, not on map) and the 5200 block of Richard. Over the next year or so, the residents on the un-signed side will bring Resident Parking Only to their streets, creating little slices of heaven on earth each weekend.

There's no date set for when the signs are to be installed. After they are planted, there will be a two-weekend grace period before DPD starts ticketing and towing.

By Avi S. Adelman under Dallas City Council , Code enforcement