The trials and indictments keep rolling at Lost Society

Update 8/10 - Nwatu was found Not Guilty on both assault charges today. According to one in-the-courtroom source, 'It did not help that both victims were - to put it politely - already hammered when Nwatu assaulted them.' Next up - A trial on the false paperwork charge, followed by a one-way trip back home to Nigeria.

It's been a few weeks since BD posted any news about Lost Society. And then boom, here it comes in buckets.

Our favorite deportee-to-be, Brightman Nwatu, is at this very moment sitting in a courtroom at the Crowley Courthouse, on trial for two counts of assault from incidents that took place in June 2009. When the crap hit the fan and he was arrested a few months ago, the outstanding warrants were among all the cases filed. According to DPD Incident Report 171388W, Nwatu is accused of violently ejecting a 52 year old woman out of Lost Society. And moments later, states DPD Incident Report 171385W, he hit another female in the eye, causing severe damage. And in two weeks, he'll be back in court on the charges of filing of false paperwork to the TABC.

But he won't sit in the courtroom alone. Our resident Lowest Greenville playboy, Fernando Rosales, continues to insist he was just as shocked - shocked, I tell you! - to find out Brightman was claiming to be the club owner as the TABC and lying about his years of bar management experience. But he absolutely swears that the three attempted rapes of a waitress by Brightman had nothing to do with his business and he was going to have his name and the business name removed from the case. Just last month, Rosales told BD he was going to make sure all these claims were taken off the face of the earth, even if that included suing BD for defamation of character and slander. At that point, BD told him to get in line.

Rosales was also charged right after Brightman was arrested for filing false paperwork to the TABC. Since that time, his attorneys have been negotiating with TABC and other law enforcement agencies to have the charges dropped. The conversation goes like this - If Rosales, who has two degrees and wants to get his CPA license, surrenders the license quietly, then the charges will be dropped. Rosales is insisting he's just another victim of Brightman and wants to fight it out in court. In the meantime, mysterious crews are at work inside Lost Society at night doing renovations (has anyone pulled the permits?) - maybe trying to sell the club???

All the discussions went south and today, it looks like Rosales can kiss his CPA good-bye. Sources in the courthouse tell BD that Rosales was indicted by a grand jury on the false paperwork charges. No word on his surrender date.

This story will be updated...

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville