Lost Society's Rosales back in pokey for skipping a hearing

Lost Society's Fernando Rosales, already in deep for his association soon-to-be-deported with Brightman Nowatu and false papers to get a TABC permit, is back in the Dallas County Jail after taking a pass at a hearing before a Dallas County judge in late August. Rosales was taken into custody last evening and re-booked into the Dallas County Jail.

Sources tell BD that Rosales skipped a hearing before a judge on the previously filed charges of false paperwork to the TABC. Not only did he skip it, but even his attorneys skipped the hearing. If you want to piss off a judge, that is the best way to do it.

Rosales and his attorneys reportedly told the judge they would try to make it to court in a few days, you know, he's kinda busy renovating the club without any permits, it's hot outside, and on and on.

The bench told them no deal and issued a felony bench warrant, which was served last evening at the club on Lowest Greenville. He's gonna spend some time in the pokey until a bond hearing is held, but that won't help much - the bond hearing almost always takes place in front of the judge who issued the warrant.

Rosales is fighting attempts by the TABC to revoke his liquor license, claiming he was duped by Brightman Nwatu, whom he trusted implicitly to run his club. Rosales turned down the chance to have the false papers charges dropped in return for surrendering his license, and a grand jury indicted him about a month ago. Nwatu is still in jail, pending another hearing on charges related to this issue, and then he's got a one-way reserved seat back to Nigeria five years after he should have been deported.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville