At UPS, we love logistics, but we also tackle pretty good

A UPS driver is getting credit for tackling a thief who stole just-delivered packages from a local doorstep on Wednesday afternoon. The bad guy will be in custody at Lew Sterret for a while, since he already had two previous convictions for theft.

According to DPD report 0003913-Y, the driver was making a delivery on the 6300 block of Richmond when he observed an unidentified male near the address, who immediately started walking away, which set off the driver's suspicious person radar. After the driver dropped the packages off, he went across the street to make another delivery. That's when he saw the perp take the packages from the doorstep, and he took off after the guy.

The DPD report goes on to say (edited for grammar / spelling only)...

The arrested person fled on foot southbound in the 2000 block of Kidwell. The arrested person threw two packages at the driver as he began to give chase. A few moments later, the arrested person threw the third package underneath a parked car. The driver was eventually able to subdue and detain the arrested person in the 6300 block of Prospect until the arresting officers arrived at location.

The Google map shows where the incident took place.

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The report continues by noting the thief verbally admitted to the theft to the investigator, but would not sign a written statement to it. The DPD report did not identify by name the DPD officers or the UPS driver. But based on his/her high badge number, one of the officers is relatively new to force.

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Safe streets