Don't blame me, I supported Monica

The email and gossip traffic is flowing on three new hot-button issues coming down in the next few months. They all have a common thread - La Patrona Medrano.

Maybe one day the FBI will add La Patrona to their list of criminals at City Hall?

Baylor Hospital Center and The Crow Family want to develop 1.5 million square feet of the area around the hospital without having to ask the City's permission. Sources tell BD that the plans include buildings taller than 25 stories and big box developments. Don't ask La Patrona to support the historic neighborhoods around Baylor (Deep Ellum, Munger Place, Mill Creek) in trying to limit this growth. She took thousands of dollars in campaign donations from them.

A coalition of downtown developers and business leaders want the City to change the location of the proposed homeless shelter before the bond issue is voted on in November (link). According to the DMN, Council member Pauline Medrano, who represents sections of downtown Dallas, said she's committed to fighting for the site already adopted by the council. No kidding? She accepted nearly $4,000 dollars from the owners of a local homeless bunkhouse shelter located not far from the proposed homeless center. This is not the end of the battle - the bunkhouse was zoned out of the area and is supposed to be gone within a year or so, but no other area of Dallas wants them. Expect La Patrona to force a postponement of their move until hell freezes over.

FirstWorthing has announced a new development on Motor Street (behind Elliott's Hardware) set to break ground next year. They greased the rezoning process along by hosting events for La Patrona during the campaign.

This list does not include the new Northwest Corridor DART line going up Harry Hines (very close to MedranoLand) to the medical centers. Can we say potential bling-bling???

The bottom line to all this is very simple: Do you remember who you voted for in the elections last May and June? Did you even bother to vote at all (nearly 900 Southside residents slept in on both election days)?

If you voted for La Patrona or did not even bother to vote at all, then you only have yourselves to blame. You should have taken the responsibility for your own district's representation in the first place.

Don't come crying to BD, we're waiting for NSA Hunt to put her foot in her mouth again.

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Dallas City Hall