TABC drops admin hammer on Synbar

Unanswered question: Did Dallas Police Department notify TABC about Erol's arrests, and when???

BarkingDogs has confirmed the TABC will begin the process to impose sanctions on Lower Greenville's Synbar after seeing BD's reports that owner Erol Staraveci was arrested by DPD for being intoxicated on the premises on two consecutive nights in June 2004.

Details of the arrests were first reported on last week (link) following a review of DPD incident reports for the Synbar location.

The club's owners will be invited to a meeting with TABC investigators, where they will be given a chance to present their side of the issue and events. At that time, they will be presented with a number of sanctions, which may include fines or a temporary suspension of their liquor license.

Synbar can request a hearing before an administrative judge, but they still face the same sanctions if they lose (in fact, the penalties may be more severe than those proffered by the TABC).

The whole process can take up to six months before a final decision is issued.

There is no explanation as to why or if the TABC knew about Erol's arrests prior to BD's posting of the reports. In most cases, DPD arrest reports of bar owners or managers are forwarded to the TABC for action and review.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville