Are you glad to see me, or is that a police badge in your hand?? (updated)

Update August 20 - BD now has a picture of the Barney Fife wanna-be who has been allegedly showing an official-looking badge to intimidate patrons while working off-duty as scumbar muscle on Lower Greenville.

According to BD's sources, he claims to work canine, drugs and undercover assignments, is a certified Texas peace officer and does not need anyone's permission to work in a bar in plainclothes.

Fair disclosure: BD works part-time for the Israeli Mossad, but never on Saturdays!

The only thing BD has been able to confirm is that he is in fact a certified Texas peace officer. And if BD gets his way, that is will soon be a was.

If you have encountered this fool on Lower Greenville, call or email BD the details. We want to make sure this guy loses his Texas peace officer certification before he does something really stupid or hurts someone.

For nearly two months, BD has been fielding emails from scumbar patrons about police officers working inside some of the scumbars on Lower Greenville.

Since DPD and other major departments in the Dallas area do not allow their officers to work for bars (in or out of uniform) unless they are patrolling the parking lot, the comments piqued our interest.

Here is what one patron told BD -

I was leaving the bar when someone who identified himself as the owner of the club stopped me at the door. He laughed, then told me he was in charge of club security. He flashed what looked like an official police badge with five points in a leather case, but I did not have my eyes on it long enough to get the name of the department.

He demanded my identification, which I gave him. He walked over to a DPD squad car (which he had apparently called moments prior). After a few minutes, the officer came over and gave me a No Trespass warning, told me to leave the premises and not return.

I have no idea what caused this action. It was a dead night at this club, and all I did was sit there and talk to a bartender. The bartender even told me this idiot was in charge of bar security.

I think this is scary since he obviously was a dumbf--k with a badge, even if it was from Mayberry RFD, and that he is working as muscle for the bar. Makes you wonder what else this bar is hiding behind his phony badge.

BD has confirmed the important facts of this story - including that the dumbf--k really is a certified peace officer in Texas. But we need more information from the public to get rid of this guy before someone gets arrested under false pretenses or even hurt.

BD wants to make sure that this Barney Fife-wannabe loses his peace officer certification as fast as you can say, Don't worry Andy, you can sleep well tonight knowing I am watching Lower Greenville.

Click here to send the facts - just the facts - to BD using the Feedback page. All information provided will be held in confidence, but if we get enough information you may be asked to sign a formal statement confirming the details. BD is gonna do everything he can to make sure this guy is not allowed to work at Chuck E Cheese's or on Lower Greenville ever again.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville