Can you supersize that scumbar???

For the past month, many neighbors have been lamenting the pending loss of John's Cafe on the upper end of Lower Greenville, soon to be replaced by a large bank filling up the whole block.

A bank??? Not that we want to see John's closed, but BD and others would gladly give up body parts to see a bank down here on our end of Lower Greenville (and we don't count the ATM at 7-11 as a bank).

When a business closes down on Lower Greenville, banks are the last thing you will see replace them.

John Kenyon, your worse nightmare lives closer than you think...or would like

The Arcadia Theatre has been sitting empty ever since Liquid closed its doors nearly a year. Save for a few concert events, it's been empty.

The Liquid folks kept in touch with the neighbors and supported the now-defunct Extended Neighborhood Patrol, but the HGABA [Hysterical Greenville Avenue Business Association] did not like them because they catered to the wrong kind of crowds. They wanted a good business person - one that caters to clients that look like them -  to take over the property.

Be careful what you wish for, guys. BD had been hearing rumors - and seeing stuff - about renovations taking place inside the theatre. Turns out all the stories were true, and then some. The City's Building Inspections Department found crews clearing out the inside of the theatre to make way for pending renovations. Borderline legal, but no permits are required to throw out chairs and walls. They promised - cross their hearts and hope to die - to get all the necessary permits for remodeling just as soon as the dust settles.

And, whom may you ask, is putting up the money for this renovation. Why, it's none other John I am gonna sue all the damn neighbors Kenyon, formerly of Red Jacket and apparently out of bankruptcy after closing it down a few years ago. Kenyon threw in the spoon - er towel - after he claimed the neighbors put him out his business for being too noisy while they were trying to sleep.

On his last day in the Red Jacket, before being escorted out by the landlord and local law enforcement officials, Kenyon hung this good-bye message to the neighborhood sign. We cannot wait to see what he posts on the Arcadia marquee when the neighbors start making his life miserable, damn them.

People who have been inside the building report it as being completely gutted from floor to ceiling - no more chairs, no more stage, no more balconies.

Rumor has it that the renovation will cost nearly $2 million dollars and include four bars in one location. And you can be damn sure Kenyon is not about to tolerate a few tired neighbors who can't stand the noise or the lack of parking for his crowds. He's probably got lawyers on retainer right now getting ready to SLAPP suit all of us so silly we won't be able to see straight.

Worldwide Food

On the south end of Lower Greenville, the Worldwide Market has abandoned the area to move to Richardson, closer to where its native Middle Eastern customers now live.

The Ali Baba Cafe is still open for business, however.

Building permits were issued for another bar last week Oops, we can't say that. The standard party line is that there are no bars on Lower Greenville, just lots of restaurants with finger food (maybe).

Giovanni, who already owns scumbars Service Bar and Tiger Room (and still believes that BD is an extortionist), secured the permits even before the market folks had cleared the shelves out.

Has anyone seen Mad Maxine, Bruce Richardson or Cheryl Kellis? We did not think so...

The good news is that both bars are on the other side of Greenville from the Belmont Neighborhood Association. BD is absolutely sure that the faux-Lower Greenville West NA, and their able attorney, Mad Maxine Aaronson, will be at every zoning and TABC hearing fighting to the bitter end to make sure that not another bar ever opens their doors on Lower Greenville ever again.

And since this is in La Patrona Medrano's district, you just know she will be out there on a picket line with the neighbors and her school students leading the protests against more bars in a residential area.

BD thinks his medication is wearing off. Did he say that Mad Maxine is actually going to get off her butt and do something that is of no benefit to her or LGNA?? Does he really think that La Patrona even knows where Lower Greenville is to be found without a big map and a driver to get her here?

Yeah, these folks are gonna be right out there fighting more bars, walking crimewatch and calling the police for noise problems.

Right after First Worthing holds a welcome to the neighborhood party for its new neighbors at Giovanni's Pub and Dance Hall.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville