NSA Hunt fails the 'keeping in touch with the natives' test

NSA Hunt really wants to be nice to everyone and make us all part of the process at City Hall.

She kept telling us that over and over and over again during the campaign.

Too bad her follow-through is not living up to the promise.

Just a few weeks ago, NSA showed up at the Belmont NA National Night Out event on Lower Greenville. She told BD that she was hitting all the NNO events that night. She also told him that in addition to the usual town hall meetings to discuss the pending city budget, she was going to hold mini-summits all over the district so she can hear up close and personal what was important to the residents.

When Veletta Lill was in office, BD and other neighborhood leaders were constantly inundated with postcards, emails, and letters announcing meetings, actions, and just stuff of note in the District. BD traded emails with Veletta on Lower Greenville issues, and she made a point of correcting typos or errors in our stories.

We may not have agreed with her actions (or lack thereof) but we always knew what was happening at City Hall.

NSA hosted a town hall budget meeting on August 25th (with District 9's Gary Griffith) at St. Thomas Aquinas and September 1 at the Dallas Museum of Art.

Did you know about the meetings, let alone attend? Nope, neither did BD.

BD only found out about the meetings after the fact, when we opened a letter from Brinks (our home security company) asking customers to lobby our council members to oppose the DPD proposal for not answering home alarm calls.

Great idea. Too bad BD did not hear about the meetings from his own council representative in time to attend.

Veletta may have over-cleaned her office in June, which would explain the loss of email lists and address books. Might even explain why NSA asked BD for a data dump of one year's worth of email on a specific neighborhood issue.

Or maybe NSA is toeing the official Desperate Housewives League party line by refusing to communicate with neighborhood associations that do not meet their vague unwritten membership guidelines. BD has a horrible visual of DHL's Jeri Arbuckle or Mad Maxine Aaronson vetting NSA's correspondence.

So much for keeping campaign promises.

How fast does your council member drive? Well, that's not fast enough

A few weeks ago, BD asked if you knew the name of the former City Council member caught speeding in the neighborhood, and the speed of the vehicle.

The answer is: Veletta Lill, doing 45 in a 30 in her white Porsche, at Live Oak and Bryan. (Photo from Poor David's St. Patrick's Day Parade).

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Dallas City Hall