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Are you Dallas' Deep Throat?

The day after UnfairPark posted it's first summary of the CPC / Bowling Alley vote, someone claiming to be a City of Dallas employee posted this comment in the blog...

I'm a city employee. I'm blowing the whistle here. The District 14 councilperson has politicized the code enforcement on Greenville Avenue. We've been forbidden from enforcing black-and-white code requirements against Madison Partners. We received instructions to overlook reported violations and to reinterpret fuzzy code violations in favor of this landowner. Code enforcement should not be politicized.

This statement could be a bunch of e-poop, or it could be legitimate.

By Avi S. Adelman under Dallas City Council , Code enforcement
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Inside Pre-Meeting Meeting with businesses on proposed Lowest Greenville rezoning

Dallas Observer's Unfair Park

Late last week, the newly formed Lowest Lower Greenville Avenue Business Association requested a meeting with council member Angela Hunt and Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Pauline Medrano to discuss their proposed plan to rezone

Lower Greenville Avenue as a Planned Development District. The LLGABA and the Greenville Avenue Restaurant Association were hoping to get together with the city folks in advance of the planned July 29 public meeting where Hunt, Medrano and other city staff will present plans for the PD to Lower Greenville residents, business owners and property owners.

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By Avi S. Adelman under Dallas City Council , Code enforcement

A little parking sanity is coming to Henderson Avenue

With all the attention on the parking issues around Henderson Avenue (or as we like to call it, Lowest Greenville 1998), you get the feeling you've seen this before.

About 20 years ago, M Streets residents complained about the loss of parking on their streets. And poof, the Dallas Fire Department came along and designated a whole bunch of streets as One Side No Parking. The rule is simple - if a big firetruck can't put its support pads out without crushing a car, the signs go up.

By Avi S. Adelman under Dallas City Council , Code enforcement
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Having a Pepper Ball on Lowest Greenville early July 4. Was that really necessary, officer? (Updated!)

UPDATE 7.6.2010 - In an interview with CW33 News, DPD Chief Vincent Golbeck (Central Division) apologized to patrons who were injured in the pepperball dust-up incident on Sunday morning. DPD concedes the officer, Terry Strickland, should not have been carrying the pepperball gun on Lowest Greenville and will likely face disciplinary action. DPD protocol allows the use of this weapon only to assist an officer having difficulty subduing a person for arrest, or to break a large mob without officers getting into the fight.


By Daniel Rodrigue / Dallas Unfair Park

I spent Saturday night -- and the wee small hours of Sunday morning -- riding shotgun with a certain Barking Dog as he kept watch over his favorite "scumbars," he likes to call them. And I got a little more than I'd bargained for: a nose and throat fill of pepper courtesy the Dallas Police Department -- specifically, one officer who fired some 13 rounds of "pepper balls" over the heads of patrons who were simply leaving a few of the so-called bad bars on the west side of Lowest Greenville. It was just after the clubs' 2 a.m. close, and as the plastic of the red pepper balls shattered against the facade of 180 Degrees, the remnants of which you can see above, they rained a white powdery cloud of the irritant on to the crowd.

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What Lowest Greenville needs are a few good massage parlors

The Dallas Observer's Unfair Park blog (Judge's Ruling in Massage Parlors' Lawsuit Rubs Spa Owners the Wrong Way), reports that the City of Dallas' current imbroglio over illegal massage parlors took two steps forward, one backwards, in the last month.

...the massage parlors sued Dallas, claiming the city had revoked their certificates of occupancy without due process.

At which point, the city fired back: Said City Attorney Tom Perkins,

The certificates of occupancy were revoked because each application for a Certificate of Occupancy did not state that the use would be operated as a massage establishment, nor did the applicant supply a copy of a massage establishment license.

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