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Deputy sheriff got him some attitude - and a no-picture policy?

(Updated Monday afternoon with information from Dallas County Sheriff's Department)

After nearly two years of rolling videotape on Lower Greenville's gangbangers, hoochie-mamas, drunks, ho's and the usual assortment of human garbage, the phrase You can't take my picture does not mean a damn thing.

But when you hear a Dallas County Deputy Sheriff, working in front of an upscale gangbanger bar, order you not to use his image, you listen carefully and wonder, Did he miss the class on the First Amendment??

When a Sheriff's supervisor claims BD is harassing a hard-working officer on a legitimate off-duty assignment, you know it's time for someone to ask, What are you guys covering up??

Deputy Sheriff Michael Bailey...BD's got your image release right here!

The Sheriff's Department's Public Information Office replied to this story and our questions on Monday afternoon...

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Ethics? We don't need no stinkin' ethics on Lowest Greenville...

It goes without saying that most of the bar owners on Lowest Greenville could not spell the word ETHICS even if you spotted them the first five letters.

But when a bar owner decides he does not want BD standing down the street from his business anymore, what can he do?

Tell the DPD officers he is tired of BD's harassment - check!

Tell the DPD officers he has a restraining order on BD's butt, keeping him 500 feet from his doors - check!

Claim you have the TRO papers "in your office" - check!

Tell the DPD officers you are a City Official and demand they do his bidding.


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DPD man-rule: Burglary is the new public intox charge (updated)

Update @ Thursday afternoon - Charges are being upgraded to (a minimum) of criminal mischief, while DPD explores other options

Updated @ Wednesday morning with comments from the second victim!

When it comes to fighting crime, it helps when you have the bad guy in custody right after the incident takes place. And if he has blood on his hands (the real stuff), you don't even need to call in CSI to make the case.

So would someone tell me why someone found to have tried to break into three houses along a Lowest Greenville residential street - with blood on his hands and the window - is only going to jail on a public intoxication charge??

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Squishing Skeeters and searching for Twits

Update  - We found Skeeter! More details after the jump...

As we get closer to St. Patrick's Day 2009, the level of vitriol towards BD in particular and Lower Greenville residents in general for our unabashed chutzpah at putting limits on the parking, drinking, and general stupidity reaches a level lower than the year before.

This year, it has reached that low again. Let BD introduce you to Skeeter and Plingyplang, the new poster children for stupid mofo's partying on Lower Greenville this weekend.

Skeeter has been reading the comments on the Dallas Observer blog about this weekend. Apparently Skeeter has a problem with being told where and when to show his wee willie in public.

Or maybe he just wants to show it to BD, we can't be sure.

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Richardson City Council limits overnight parking in front of residences

By IAN McCANN / The Dallas Morning News

Parking in front of your neighbor’s house overnight is now against the law in Richardson.

City Council members on Monday night approved rules that limit parking on streets. Only people who live in or are visiting a home may park in front of it from 2 to 8 a.m. Residents or guests who park elsewhere can receive a citation, with a fine of up to $500.

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