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Stop, drop, busted

This past Spring, when BD was a student at the DPD's Citizens Academy, he learned how to drop a perp with a swift but well placed kick across the ankles. That may not be much to you, but it sure came in handy last August when BD dropped a shoplifter carrying about $50 worth of barbecue ribs in his pants (Meat Avi Adelman, Dallas Observer).

So it was kind of fun to watch a DPD officer use the same technique on a Lower Greenville drunk this weekend. And it was more fun to get it on tape. After the jump, the watch the drunk get dropped.

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Getting ripped off by a towing service, $43 at a time...

It is no secret that BD has zero sympathy for anyone who has the unmitigated chutzpah to park their car in a privately owned parking lot and walk off to patronize another business, without any regard for the business owning the parking lot. If you don't have the sense to read the signs, you deserve what you get, and what you will pay when you pick up your car at the towing lot.

Many of these idiots believe it's their god-given right to park anywhere they want, justifying their logic by saying, The business is on Lower Greenville, it is what it is.

These are the same people who think our residential streets belong to them, even if they live in Plano or McKinney. Welcome to the wonderful world of Resident Parking Only, guys.

Towing happens dozens of times every weekend on Lower Greenville: Bar patrons are desperate to find a free parking space  - god forbid they should pay $10 to park on a secure lot - so they park on the Taco Cabana, Blockbuster, Dodie's or CVS parking lot. They wander away, not realizing that someone is watching them leave. Five minutes later their car is gone - probably to South Dallas, to a place you don't want to visit in the daytime, let alone at 4am.

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DHL sets rules of engagement for BelmontNA membership hearing

When BelmontNA applied for membership in the Dallas Homeowners League nearly nine months ago, everyone knew Lower Greenville NA would protest their application due to overlapping boundaries, general dislike of stated goals (like Resident Parking Only), and disagreement with choices of bath soap.

It was no surprise that BelmontNA did not hear from the DHL until August, when they were invited to participate in the Boot Camp for neighborhood leaders. Since then, it's been absolute silence again.

So it comes as a really big surprise to find a letter from the DHL Board, finally calling for a hearing and outlining the process.

The BelmontNA board will meet shortly to discuss the process and plan a strategy for the hearing (all one hour of it).

All correspondence between the DHL, BelmontNA and LGNA will be posted on the BelmontNA website - click here

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Dallas Police Department / General Orders and Code of Conduct 421.07

421.07 - Off-Duty Police employment at businesses where alcoholic beverages are dispensed or sold (made part of the General Orders and included in Special Orders December 15, 1994)

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TABC - "Taking Action to Block Cameras"?

Update 10.9 - The TABC has started an investigation into why TABC Agents interfered with the recording of police action taken in a public place. According to an email from Robert Meissner, from the TABC's Office of Professional Responsibility (formerly known as the Internal Affairs Unit)... administrative inquiry has been initiated into your allegations of unprofessional conduct on the part of the agency personnel involved.  You will receive written correspondence by mail documenting the agency's receipt of your information, along with documents to file a formal complaint against the officers involved. Upon conclusion of this investigation, a disposition letter will be sent to you citing the outcome of this investigation.

BD likes to celebrate Texas - OU Weekend like he celebrates St. Patrick's Day on Lower Greenville - far, far away.

But our dinner date ended early, so we wandered down the street to see how things were shaking. We were not expecting anything unusual and BD was not carrying the video camera.

Too damn bad, too. He walked right into a mass arrest of six persons in a truck who hit a small vehicle and then tried to get away. We guess they never saw the dozens of cops standing about 30 feet away on the corner.

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