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Melissa Kingston v Avi S. Adelman (DC1210604)

All documents from the suit styled Melissa Kingston v Avi S.

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Austin Police revealing pattern of abuse against citizens who record

Carlos Miller / PINAC

The Austin Police Department introduced a "training bulletin" last month meant to educate officers on how to legally deal with citizens who record them in public.

But all it did was allow officers to create their own laws in order to justify arresting these citizens.

And that was probably the intent of it considering they are dealing with a growing number of activists who record them in public, including one incident in which activist Antonio Buehler outed an undercover cop on video last month.

That same cop, Justin Berry, arrested Buehler two nights later while in uniform, marking the second time since January that Buehler had been arrested for recording cops.

It was an obvious case of retaliation for the video that exposed him in a popular bar area targeting young, underage women who were consuming alcohol.

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Sheriff suspends deputy who seized biker's camera

Posted on September 12, 2012 at 5:59 PM / Updated at 6:16 PM

David Schecter / WFAA News

DALLAS — The Dallas County Sheriff's Department has issued a 38-day suspension to a deputy who stopped a motorcycle rider without cause and seized his helmet camera.

The raw video of the Memorial Day weekend arrest by Deputy James Westbrook has been seen by almost half a million people around the world on YouTube.

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Another POS attorney gets disbarred - this time, it's personal!

Just a few months ago, the lawsuit filed against BD by Lost Society was dismissed with prejudice. It was only just a few short years ago that Fernando Mr. Meth Delivery Mule Rosales tried to shut this website down. Twice.

His attorney Armando Miranda never filed one legitimate brief on his client's behalf, missed all the depositions, and pretty much was a stick in the mud (no offense to the mud). What he did file was the ultimate in unprofessional use of cut and paste. His client was not much better - Rosales was busted for possessing 14# of meth in his car and the club. He's already been sentenced to 12 years out of Rockwall, and is waiting trials in Dallas for possession and filing false papers.

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Et tu, Dallas Ignis liberandum? Quid secretum?(You too, Dallas Fire Rescue? What's the secret?)

Update Friday afternoon - The DMN has more information about this issue - link

Update Friday morning - After the DFR changed its website to mask incident information, it also shut down (or broke the links to) its two Twitter feeds - Accidents and Incidents. The last posts on both feeds are more than 20 hours old.

Like a church hiding the nasty stuff, Dallas City Hall has a bad reputation for access to public records. If they are not stalling you on open record requests, they are trying to get the Attorney General to help them hide the stuff, or at least delay its release long enough so you forget what the heck you were looking for. Just recently, the Dallas Morning News asked the AG to intervene in order to force the Dallas Police Department to cease and desist the deletion of internal emails. That includes emails sent to the DMN telling them emails about the emails were deleted.

And let's not forget the cover-up of records regarding a little marital spat at Dwaine Caraway's house a few years ago. That ended up in court, embarrassing everyone involved with too much information.

Usually the Dallas Fire / Rescue folks are above this kind of behavior. You want a list of fire inspection records on bars? Got it! Want to take photos at a fire in the neighborhood? Hey not a problem (and can we have copies for our personal albums??) Just stay away from the cops, they don't want anyone getting those photos, no matter your credentials or relationship with DFR.

But now, DFR is revising its website, citing privacy issues that simply don't exist. Specifically, they are using HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) privacy requirements to close up what had been a public list of emergency responses by ambulances. Is this part of a city-wide trend to restrict access to information that truly belongs in the public domain???

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