Dallas City Council Elections

Is Council Candidate The Weasel a Neighborhood Advocate or a Bully?

Eric Nicholson / Dallas Observer / Unfair Park

After this month's city elections, we repeated a quote that District 14 candidate Bobby Abtahi gave to the Morning News alluding to Philip Kingston, his opponent in next month's runoff, as "someone who sues their neighbors." Kingston wasn't pleased. He called shortly after to offer a barbed response, calling Abtahi a "stranger to the district" and arguing that he had no idea what neighbor-suing Abtahi meant.

Technically, anyway, he may have a point. It's his wife, a lawyer named Melissa Kingston, who is suing the couple's neighbor Avi Adelman, who doubles as the most loud-mouthed neighborhood activist in East Dallas. Another lawsuit was filed recently by the Kingstons on behalf of the Belmont Addition Conservation District, but it was filed against a local developer who, Melissa Kingston argued, was flouting the neighborhood's building restrictions.

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By Avi S. Adelman under Elections , Lower Greenville
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Here's why you should not vote for The Weasel: He's a big fat liar

In less than a month, we all get to go back and vote - again - for someone to replace NSC Hunt at City Hall for District 14. Not that this could not happen soon enough, but really, could we have not done better in deciding who to put into the run-off? Or maybe we just forgot to get off our butts and vote in higher numbers (only 4,929 people bothered voting)? It's even sadder to realize that maybe less than 2,500 people will bother to come out and vote again in June.

BD would rather work at WalMart before voting for The Weasel. Even if you ignore The Kittens' pending lawsuit on BD for stealing domain names she never owned, The Weasel is so not qualified to be our next council member it's not even funny.

Let BD tell you a not-so-secret secret: Every neighborhood leader BD spoke to way back in August 2012 thought The Kittens was going to run for Council. To see The Weasel come out like he did, just a day before The Kittens tried to shut down this blog, was a shock to a lot of people.

Setting emotion aside, let's review why The Weasel is not qualified to be representing any of us at City Hall.

BD can give it to you in three words: Big. Fat. Liar.

After working on the campaign for another candidate in the race for D14, BD can tell you first hand (and has the tapes) that Mama's Boy will say or do anything to any person or group to get a vote.

You don't think City Attorneys are competent and doing their job? Hey, neither does he!

You think suing people to stop them from building city-approved homes is a good idea? Hey, so does he!

You like neighborhoods? Well, step right into the voter booth, so does he!

Here's a list of just some of The Weasel's claims and lies. You can decide if you really want him to be your next city council representative. Make the right choice, because if he wins we are stuck with him for eight long years.

By Avi S. Adelman under Elections , Legal issues
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BD exclusive - State Dems cut off Mama's Boy access to voter database

In Saturday's Dallas Morning News story about Mama's Boy lying to get Democratic Party-centric endorsements, it was noted he also had access to the Texas Democratic Party voter database. This system, which is cloud-based, is the framework of campaign databases - for robocalls, phonebanks, mailing lists, voter history and even iPad apps.

BD has confirmed that just hours after the article came out, the state party staff cut off Mama's Boy's access to the database early Saturday morning. To quote one person familiar with the system

It's all cloud-based, but he probably downloaded mailing lists and some voter history files. But when it comes to updating contacts with voters, adding voters who just registered, or even knowing who they talked to before the election, they are screwed. It's not like the lights are completely shut off, but it's a lot darker in that campaign office right now.

By Avi S. Adelman under Elections , Lower Greenville
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Not So Classy Hunt faux-pas's at VPNA Candidate Forum

For years, BD has used a nickname for outgoing City Council Member Angela Hunt NSA Hunt - Not So Angelic.

She now gets a new name to wear as she leaves office, not soon enough - Not So Classy.

Hunt attended the D14 Candidate Forum at Vickery Place last evening, and it's no secret she supports the Mama's Boy, whom she endorsed probably the day after she took office eight years ago.

When a City Council member attends a neighborhood meeting, she/he is always introduced as a special guest. But, really, you would think NSC would know better than to wear a MAMA'S BOY FOR COUNCIL t-shirt to the event.

Like we said, classy, really classy.

By Avi S. Adelman under Elections , Lower Greenville
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Augustus Belmont, Jr. called - he wants his neighborhood back

BD just returned from a quick trip to the horse racing tracks in Louisiana. But BD’s not a betting man, he was answering a mysterious letter, short and to the point -

Meet me at the track, behind the paddocks. We need to talk about my home on Lowest Greenville. - AB

The signature was covered in mud and smelled like horseshit. Hey, we needed an excuse for a road trip anyways.

Upon arrival, BD went to the paddocks (after asking what a paddock was) and found himself standing next to a rather large brown horse. Seeing no one around waiting for him, BD pulled up a stool and started checking his email on his smart phone. That’s when the horse started talking.

By Avi S. Adelman under Elections , Lower Greenville
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