Dallas City Council Elections

BD announces run for Dallas City Council

Lowest Greenville's resident curmudgeon and neighborhood activist will formally announce that he is a candidate for the Dallas City Council.

The announcement will be made outside the Dallas SPCA center on Industrial / Riverfront Boulevard this afternoon.

Sources in his nascent campaign have reported he will legally change his name to "Barking Dog" in order to take advantage of his popularity and media attention when people go into the polling booth.

BD's campaign slogan will be "We need a BARKING DOG on Dallas City Council. He'll bite for us."

Here is a sample of the first bumper sticker -

By Avi S. Adelman under Elections , Dallas City Hall

Time to change the bumper sticker...

Out with the old...

By Avi S. Adelman under Elections , Dallas City Hall
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MayorTomLeppert.com supports the Stop-The-Hotel campaign

The campaign to stop the City of Dallas from going into the hotel business took a giant leap forward when the Citizens Against A Taxpayer Hotel officially kicked off their petition drive on Tuesday morning.

Quoting from the Dallas Observer blog, Anti-Hotel Folks Make Their Case, to Which Developer Jack Matthews and the City Offer a Weary "Whatever"

The mayor and city council have used secret meetings to devise a plan to fund a convention center hotel with millions in taxpayers’ dough, and it's time to give voters a say, since they’re the ones assuming the risk. At least, that’s what Crow Holdings’ executive Anne Raymond told approximately 50 people this morning while announcing a petition drive by the political action committee Citizens Against a Taxpayer Owned Hotel.

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DHL rejects BelmontNA membership application

In a letter emailed to the BelmontNA board early Wednesday morning, DHL president Jeri Arbuckle informed BelmontNA their application for membership had been rejected by the DHL Board.

It's six pages of explanation, and we have not yet converted it to a text file. You can read the letter as a PDF on the BelmontNA website - click here.

The BelmontNA board will review the letter and issue a comment after the holidays.

It is very important to note that the letter pertains to one issue only: BelmontNA's membership in the DHL.

This decision does not mean BelmontNA must cease to exist or stop any of its activities in the community. Neither the DHL or the Lower Greenville NA have the authority to force any of these changes.

The BelmontNA will continue its work to improve the quality of life for nearly 200 members and 1,500 residents in the Lower Greenville area, including the use of the Resident Parking Only program.

Click here for the complete story on the BelmontNA website

Click here to read Jim Schutze's story about the DHL hearing (Dallas Observer)

Click here to read Jim's blog and public comments on Unfair Park

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BD holds his nose while voting for mayor - film at 11

In less than three days, early voting polls will open in Dallas. Thanks to a large field of candidates, and a small number of voters, we now have to deal with a run-off for Mayor.

Less than 75,000 people voted for mayor in the general election. If past experience holds true, less than 15,000 people will vote in the run-off.

In this corner, City Council member Ed Oakley, long on experience and deep in cash and grassroots efforts. He's an insider in every sense of the word, and he knows everyone in Dallas (just ask him).

In that corner, former Turner Industries CEO and Park Cities resident Tom Leppert, short on political experience and deep in the Citizen's Council that created his new myth. He is a Beth Ann Blackwood without the skirt.

In Dallas, an informed electorate has always been considered a dangerous electorate. BD prides himself on being familiar with the issues and the candidates. He knows too much about traffic, zoning and how the City Council really works (read: behind the scenes) to run for office himself.

But in this election, BD finds himself absolutely screwed out of making a good decision.

By Avi S. Adelman under Elections , Dallas City Hall
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