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What was so important that you could not take five minutes to vote on Saturday?

Less than 10% of Dallas' registered voters bothered to even show up at the polls on Saturday. In a David v Goliath race like this, why couldn't we even hope for maybe a strong 15%???

By now you know the results, and it ain't pretty. We just elected a lily-white scion of Dallas' Preston Hollow neighborhood, where getting your kids to donate $5,000 to a political campaign is not even an issue. This is a man who spent nearly $2.5 million (for reference, that is 2.5 times more than Annette Strauss or Laura Miller spent) for a job that pays $60,000 but carries a relatively big stick - if you are on his A-List.

He won because District 12 residents came out in droves (council run-off), South Dallas came in drove$, and many of us in poor ole East Dallas did not bother to vote in June. Early voter turnout in June was 5,000 less than May - in fact, of the nearly 25,000 people who voted early in May, 12,350 did not bother to come out for June's early voting. Nearly 7,000 people voted in June that did not vote in May, but a large chunk of them were from District 12 and the rest spread out all over Dallas.

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Epic Political Fail: I had to give that boy a key...

Photo credit - Gordon Keith blog
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BD's predictions for the mayor's race...

BD woke up early this morning to find dozens of emails about Mayor Tom Leppert's decision to not run for re-election this May. Tell us, oh wise oracle, what are your predictions??? they asked.

While BD never claimed to be a great prognosticator of political moves (it's kinda hard to read an Oujia board with paws), here are his predictions for local Dallas politics. Don't say I did not warn you.

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Rezoning proposal passes at Plan Commission, no mercy shown to businesses that don't cause problems

Lowest Greenville took its first step off the cliff towards being the Deep Ellum of the 21st Century when the City Planning Commission approved the Lowest Greenville Planned Development District, in a 13-0 vote at Dallas City Hall. The next step towards business oblivion will take place in late January 2011, when the full City Council votes on the issue.

Then a magical 240 day clock starts running on businesses who will need an SUP to stay open after midnight. With fees for permits, lawyers, site plans and suck-up funds, each business can expect to spend about $5,000 just to get permission to stay open after midnight for maybe two years, three if they are lucky. Then they get to do it again.

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The Lowest Greenville rezoning proposal - one bad flashback after another

At his advanced age, BD is prone to many medical issues. Gout one weekend, sinus pain the next, followed by a bad case of flatulence. Throw in living in a house with a bunch of girls of various ages, and hearing loss is a given. But during last week's meeting at Kush between the business owners, managers and property owners on Lowest Greenville and Angela Hunt and her gaggle of City staff and neighborhood leaders, BD found himself suffering another sign of advanced age.


It was late 2003 or early 2004, but definitely it was the winter time. BD was eating lunch in the very same place as the meeting - back then it was called Coconuts Grill. His hostess had invited him to lunch so she could learn everything possible about the problems on Lowest Greenville - in 45 minutes or less. BD gave his standard spiel: The bad bars on Lowest Greenville were ruining things for all the good businesses and residential neighborhoods around it. The answer was something so simple, it could be wrapped up in one phrase - A level playing field. If the City and all its different departments - Building Inspection, Code Compliance, DPD - would just get off its collective butt and shut down the bars that claimed to be restaurants, but did not have kitchens, let alone serve food, then we could all sit down and discuss the future of Lowest Greenville.

BD had the Kahuna burger, and his hostess had the salad.

Oh, the hostess? It was not-yet-a-city-council-member Angela Hunt.

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