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BD announces run for Dallas City Council

Lowest Greenville's resident curmudgeon and neighborhood activist will formally announce that he is a candidate for the Dallas City Council.

The announcement will be made outside the Dallas SPCA center on Industrial / Riverfront Boulevard this afternoon.

Sources in his nascent campaign have reported he will legally change his name to "Barking Dog" in order to take advantage of his popularity and media attention when people go into the polling booth.

BD's campaign slogan will be "We need a BARKING DOG on Dallas City Council. He'll bite for us."

Here is a sample of the first bumper sticker -

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"Bringing Balance" back to Lowest Greenville: Hunt on zoning, rebuilding

Angela Hunt has posted a story to her blog about the issues between Lower and Lowest Greenville, or as BD calls it, North v South. With her permission, BD is posting it in its entirety here.

Last night, I went to the Doublewide’s benefit concert for the businesses and employees who lost their jobs as a result of last week’s fire on Lower Greenville. The Doublewide was great to host this, and Chelsea Callahan did an outstanding job organizing the five bands in such short order, helping raise funds for these newly-unemployed workers.

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Stealing spaces - heading to court?

This just in - reconstruction of the head-in parking spaces in front of Public House started up this afternoon, with a shiny new construction permit issued on Friday hanging on the fence.

Looks like the neighborhood pundits misread the City's intent to squeeze hard and make the Andres' cough. The estimated cost for replacing the parking spaces, per the permit, is more than $12,000. Expect the price of your drinks to go up proportionately.

City Hall sources confirm the City is ready to drag Andres Property to court for disemboweling parking spaces on Lowest Greenville in an attempt to create patio spaces for their tenants without the proper permits or even trying to buy the property from the City.

As noted on Friday's CBS11 report, the bar owners claim they had the proper permits to build patios in what had been nearly a dozen head-in parking spaces in front of two Andres-owned or managed properties nearly three weeks ago. [Technically, the bar owners did not apply for the permits. They were filed on September 11 by Andres Properties.] According to the City - and a review of the permits hanging on the site - they were repairing the sidewalks and curbs, not excavating the parking spaces and creating patios.

Ever since the construction was shut down just one day after being started in late September (see photos here), it's been a verbal tug of war between the City, the Andres' and the bar owners, with each claiming dibs on the spaces.

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And you wonder why people b*tch about parking on Lowest Greenville?, ctd

Last year, BD wrote a series of stories about the Lower Greenville sham valet service managed by Benny Teffera and a bunch of his friends, under the name of Longhorn Valet Service. They accused anyone who opposed their screwy business of being racists since they were black. After being kicked off the Big Wong and Bottle & Brew parking lots, they settled in on Lower Greenville with the blessing of Sugar Shack's Lance Deal.

It took about three months to get rid of these guys (including filing charges of falsifying signatures on a City document), but not before they tried to steal every loose parking space in the neighborhood (including the Shell Station).

But like a bad penny, they are back in operation, this time scamming downtown Main Street bars and restaurants after getting a new valet permit from a local beauty parlor which is not open at night. The News33 team rolled out a great story about these mobile crooks on Sunday night, and used BD's video from last year.

Best money quote - In regards to accusations of theft [of personal items from valet'd vehicles], Teffera says it's a hazard of the job. Teffera said, "Some people, when they come out of club they are a little tipsy, a little drunk. They tend to say things they shouldn't be saying."

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Psssst... wanna buy the mayor's (domain) name?

BD's been doing some summer cleaning around the office this weekend (actually, he's trying to find some firecrackers from Philadelphia, where they really know how to celebrate the Fourth of July), and decided he needed to sell some of his e-junk.

First on the list - the domain name MayorTomLeppert.com.

There's nothing personal about the domain name, BD actually kinda sorta likes the Mayor. He bought the name after the election in 2007 and thinks the time has come to sell it.

Private registration is available, of course. Click on the image for more information.

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