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St. Patrick's Day 2009 scorecard

The DPD's Lower Greenville Weekend Report has been posted to the BelmontNA website.

As reported on WFAA News8 last evening, nearly 50 people were arrested in the late afternoon and 68 cars towed from the area south of Belmont Avenue (but this figure does not include cars towed by Public Works & Transportation, or arrests from the party zone).

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By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Dallas City Hall

MCEO Leppert spins CD and politics on Lower Greenville

The first appearance on Lower Greenville for Mayor Tom Leppert was billed as a music event extraordinaire. Well, at least that's what the Dallas Observer promised us...

Rather, it was a very professional group of Young Democrats getting some facetime with Hiz Honor on such topics as the convention hotel, the Trinity River development, the stimulus package and city services.

It's not like Mr. Leppert does not have a sense of humor. When the group's leader asked for questions, he made a point that YDO members - who are all under 40 - would have the first round of questions.

The Mayor stood up, wiped his brow, and said, I thought he meant that you had to be under 40 to answer the question.

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Would you elect this man???

Ron Price is running for City Council in District 7 this May.

It's gonna be so much fun...

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Time to change the bumper sticker...

Out with the old...

By Avi S. Adelman under Elections , Dallas City Hall
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They're baaaaack.... State licenses Lone Star under new names

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- WFAA News8 - click here

- Dallas Morning News - click here

It only took a week - a record time by state standards - but Lone Star Auto Services is about to get back into the towing business in Dallas. And there's probably not a damn thing the City can do in order to deny them a new towing license.

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations, which is responsible for towing and storage services, issued new licenses last week for Ideal Towing of Dallas LLC and Champion Tows LLC, both located at 8035 East RL Thornton Boulevard in Dallas.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Dallas City Hall
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