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Dear Mayor Leppert ...

You have to hand it to Mayor Tom Leppert - When he sticks his foot in a pile of poop, it isn't with just one toe, it's the whole damn boot!

Case in point

Treating City Council rep Angela Hunt like some kind of political leper, just because she opposes the Trinity River Project concept. She also secured more signatures on a petition to put the whole idea on a ballot in November than voted in the election when he ran for Mayor.

So, out of pure spite, he does not appoint Ms. Hunt to any City Council committee chair or vice-chair positions. That makes her the only one of 14 council members not leading a committee (story link).

Ron Kirk pulled that crap on Laura Miller a few years ago, and look what happened to her.

BD posted the Mayor's email addy to his list, asking readers to tell Mr. Leppert that Ms. Hunt should be appointed a committee position so that the residents of Dallas City Council 14 have someone - anyone - at City Hall who can serve them properly.

BD readers were all over this issue in just a few hours. After the jump, we post some of those emails.

If you want to send a message to Mayor Leppert, there is still time...

  • Click here to send a message only to the Mayor
  • Click here to send your message to the Mayor, with a copy going to BD (for posting without your name being included)

You can read more comments on the Dallas Observer blog, Unfair Park - click here.

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Leppert goes 'RonKirk', denies Hunt committee leadership positions

By DAVE LEVINTHAL / The Dallas Morning News

Official headline - Leppert shuts Hunt out of leadership

Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert isn't giving District 14 City Council member Angela Hunt any more power than he must, declining to name her chairwoman or vice chairwoman of any of the seven council committees he established Tuesday.

Ms. Hunt, a two-term council representative who last session served as vice chairwoman of the body's quality of life committee, is the only member of the 2007-09 council to whom Mr. Leppert did not grant a coveted chairmanship or vice chairmanship.

But former council member Donna Blumer said she's "very disappointed that the mayor I supported would resort to such petty tactics."

"It's purposeful that he didn't put her where her expertise is," said Ms. Blumer, who supports Ms. Hunt's Trinity efforts. "He's trying to limit her influence, and it reflects poorly on him."

Click here for the complete story (pacifier not included).

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Neighborhood Matching Fund program - not just for DHL members

With absolute certainty, BD can state that going to Dallas City Hall is not something to get all excited about. Even for a DHL BootCamp.

It's not like back in Philadelphia, where a subway ride to Center City meant a 500 foot elevator ascent to the base of William Penn's statue on the top of an ornate and elaborate City Hall. No matter how many times we looked, BD never saw the face of Frank Rizzo on any of the gargoyles either.

The keynote speaker at the Saturday morning event was someone who will make you believe in the power of neighborhoods all over again. Jim Diers, formerly the director of Seattle's Department of Neighborhoods, was speaking on a topic with a long name and a deep impact - Neighborhood Matching Fund.

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City won't release Code Compliance documents because...?

At Dallas City Hall, Cover Your Ass is more than a mantra, it's a way of life. If there is something they don't you to see, it just won't get released.

In 2000, the City would not release the name of the City Council member who asked for legal opinions on how to shut down activist websites like BarkingDogs, Dallas.org and DallasArena. Turned out to be none other than Mary Poss, no surprise there.

They stonewalled Dallas.org when he asked for credit card records, but eventually those files were released.

But BD has to admit he was just a little surprised to find a letter from the City Attorney telling him they would not release the results of a Code Compliance survey of Lower Greenville businesses and their questionable Certificates of Occupancy. And to make sure BD never sees the reports, they are asking the Attorney General to make it official.

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Dear Mister Mayor ...

The inauguration of a new Mayor and almost half of the City Council has been marked not by fireworks and parades, but by pundits and columnists writing about what they think the new leadership should do, could do, or might not do.

Rather than spout electrons in the hope that someone may read them, BD prefers the direct approach: An open letter to the new mayor.

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