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BD holds his nose while voting for mayor - film at 11

In less than three days, early voting polls will open in Dallas. Thanks to a large field of candidates, and a small number of voters, we now have to deal with a run-off for Mayor.

Less than 75,000 people voted for mayor in the general election. If past experience holds true, less than 15,000 people will vote in the run-off.

In this corner, City Council member Ed Oakley, long on experience and deep in cash and grassroots efforts. He's an insider in every sense of the word, and he knows everyone in Dallas (just ask him).

In that corner, former Turner Industries CEO and Park Cities resident Tom Leppert, short on political experience and deep in the Citizen's Council that created his new myth. He is a Beth Ann Blackwood without the skirt.

In Dallas, an informed electorate has always been considered a dangerous electorate. BD prides himself on being familiar with the issues and the candidates. He knows too much about traffic, zoning and how the City Council really works (read: behind the scenes) to run for office himself.

But in this election, BD finds himself absolutely screwed out of making a good decision.

By Avi S. Adelman under Elections , Dallas City Hall
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Dallas gets tough with panhandlers

By DAVE LEVINTHAL / The Dallas Morning News

Dallas’ anti-panhandling ordinance is now stricter than ever, as the City Council on Wednesday morning added several new provisions to already established solicitation laws.

Citywide, it’s now illegal to solicit a person (effective June 1)

  • Anytime between sunset and sunup citywide
  • Any hour near restaurants
  • Placing money into a parking meter.

Click here for the complete story on DMN

Click here to read the complete text of the new ordinance

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Dallas City Hall

City Attorney won't release Suede's audit documents - yet

It took nearly six months for Suede to submit the documents demanded by the City Auditor last December that would be used to determine whether they are operating as a bar or restaurant. The stall was an effort to keep BD and others from seeing what they considered confidential sales data.

BD filed an Open Records Request on the documents a few weeks ago. And now the City has punted the documents for review by the Texas Attorney General.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Dallas City Hall
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Suede, other Greenville Avenue bars to be audited

By Chad Jones, Pegasus News

Activist Avi Adelman tipped us off to an auditing campaign of sorts that's circling through the Greenville Avenue area. As of late December, Suede is in the process of being audited in order to ensure that [the] business is operating in compliance with the Dallas City Code provisions concerning the sale and service of alcoholic beverages (link to City Code re Mixed Bev Audits).

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Dallas City Hall
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Somebody at City Hall is making a scumbar list (updated)

Update 12.26 - The City has confirmed sending out 10 letters to bars demanding sales reports. But can you guess which Lower Greenville bars got the letters??? You would be surprised...(more information after the jump).

The Dallas City Auditor and Building Inspections departments sent demand letters to a number of scumbar operators on Lower Greenville, seeking detailed information on their sales of alcohol and non-alcoholic products. This information will be used to determine if they are complying with the City's 75/25 rule used to determine which businesses are operating as restaurants (serving food) and which are just scumbars claiming to serve food.

According to BD's sources, the letters were sent out last week. BD has filed an Open Records Request to secure copies of the letter and a list of targeted scumbars.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Dallas City Hall
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