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Anyone missing a Ruger???

It's bad enough when your car strikes a DPD vehicle parked on the street. It's really bad when you try to leave the scene - surrounded by nearly a dozen DPD officers. So is it so bad when they find a Ruger under the back seat??

It was a full moon this weekend. If you could not tell by the appearance of a large white orb in the sky every evening, it was obvious on the ground on Lowest Greenville. BD was out on the street early Sunday morning, and by 2am had counted at least five arrests of club patrons for various counts of public stupidity. Nearly a dozen officers and a few prisoners were congregated on the street at Alta and Greenville, one of the few streets usable due to street construction.

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Sexual assault reported on Lowest Greenville

The Dallas Police Department is investigating a sexual assault that took place in Lowest Greenville early Saturday morning. According to DPD Offense Report 0193797-Y, the assault took place around 245am on the 5800 block of Prospect Avenue.

The DPD report notes the victim stated the assault took place in a parking lot; the 5800 block of Prospect is residential, while the 5700 block of Prospect has four parking lots. DPD sources tell BD the victim is unsure exactly where the assault took place and it will be up to the investigators to make the final determination after interviewing the victim. The only suspect information they have is that he is a Latin male.

The DPD has asked BD to post information about how potential victims can avoid a sexual assault in public areas, which can be found here.

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Fire at Zephyr's blamed on wiring

An electrical short in the DJ stand inside Zephyr's is the apparent cause of a small fire inside Zephyr's late Monday evening. The structure was not severely damaged, but smoke and water damaged the ceiling tiles and caused ceilings fans to drop off their brackets. Fire crews punched several holes in the roof during their entry.

A complete set of photos is on BD's Flicker page at this link (or click the photo below)

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Neighborhood alert goes out after violent rape reported near Henderson / Capitol

A violet crime alert is going out to neighbors around Lowest Greenville and Henderson Avenue communities after a violent rape and assault was reported Monday morning.

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Texas House / Senate pass anti-SLAPP bills with unanimous vote

Dwayne Bivona, Wichita Falls Times Record News

Anti-SLAPP bills have been passed in 27 states and last Wednesday, Texas moved a step closer to protecting its citizens' First Amendment rights when House Bill 2973 passed with a unanimous vote.

This bill and its Senate version SB 1565, protect against strategic lawsuits against public participation (SLAPP).

These frivolous lawsuits can be brought by organizations with deep pockets against concerned citizens who speak up and speak out against them.

Their sole intention is to silence dissenting voices by threatening costly litigation; essentially using our court system as a weapon for censorship and retribution.

Click here for the complete story

Click here to read the latest draft of the legislation

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