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Judge denies (another) Lost Society attempt to shut down Barking Dogs website


Last December, Lost Society's Fernando Rosales sued BD for defamation, slander and bad breath. The first thing his lawyer did was seek a Temporary Restraining Order to shut down the website, remove any content about Fernando Rosales, and prevent BD from publishing anything about Fernando Rosales in the future.

And, as you can guess, the judge said, No, not gonna happen.

A few weeks ago, Fernando Rosales' attorney filed a request for a Temporary Injunction against BD, asking the judge to shut down the website, remove any content about Fernando Rosales, and prevent BD from publishing anything about Fernando Rosales in the future.

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Drug deal goes bad, two dead at Burger Street (update 2x)

A late-night shooting at the Burger Street / Mockingbird Lane left two people dead on Tuesday evening. Details are sketchy at this hour, but witnesses in the Phoenix Apartments next to Burger Street reported hearing at least nine shots, then watched one person bundled into an ambulance (which rolled with no lights towards Baylor) and one person heard yelling, "I only came here to meet my brother". One body was on the drive-up window driveway, and police were CSI'ing a racked-up Jaguar parked next to the driveway.

The DMN reports two persons were arrested after the incident, which they described as a drug deal gone south. DPD officers scoured the Phoenix' parking lot, while the DPD helicopter circled the area, in an attempt to find the suspect(s). After following a blood-trail to the apartments, two persons, one with a gunshot wound, was taken into custody.

The male on the ground was identified by witnesses as a brother of one of the victims.

More photos are posted to BD's Flickr account.

The Dallas Morning News story is posted here.

More details about the shooting can be found online at the SMU Daily Campus - click here.

Update from the Dallas Police Department, 1:18pm

The two suspects arrested in the below mentioned double homicide have been identified as Jason Greer Frappier W/M/10-5-86 and Christian Emanual Avalos L/M/1-5-86.  Arrestee Frappier was the suspect who was shot during the offense and he is currently at Baylor Hospital recovering from surgery for a gunshot wound to the elbow.  He is being guarded by officers and will be transferred to jail when he is released.  Each arrestee has been charged with capital murder.   

On 2/16/10 at 10:16 p.m., patrol officers responded to a shooting call at 5500 E. Mockingbird Ln. Upon arrival, Officers found Chad Ryan, w/m/11-22-83, and Robert Allen, w/m/8-16-81, on the parking lot critically wounded from gunshots. Victim Ryan died at the scene. Victim Allen was transported to Baylor Hospital where he also died. Officers followed a blood trail to a nearby apartment where several suspects were located and taken into custody.

It appears that the suspects and victims were involved in a drug transaction when one of the groups tried to rob the other group. Detective's are still interviewing several witnesses at this time. Two suspects are in custody and will be charged with capital murder. One of the suspects arrested was also shot in the arm during the offense and is at Baylor Hospital.

These offenses were documented on case numbers 39994-Y and 40107-Y.

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The 2010 Lowest Greenville Public Intoxication arrest list

Effective June 20, 2013

This list is based on Dallas Police Department records at the time of the arrest and subsequent posting. We do not and will follow each case until it's conclusion - you were arrested, and that's all we care to post. If you decide that it's imperative to have your name removed from this list, such as for a security clearance, family matters or simply because you don't want your friends to know you were busted from being drunk, there is an option.

You can pay an administrative fee of $251 to have your name removed. In addition to having it deleted from this site (and only this site, not the whole Internet), you will recieve a signed affidavit from me (the publisher) confirming that your name was removed on such and such a date.

IMPORTANT - Removing your name from this site does not prevent the Dallas Police Department or any other agency from releasing this information again. In order to remove your name from official (read - government) records, you will need to hire an attorney to start a process called expunction. It ain't cheap but it can be done.

To start the process, send an email to the publisher at this link - We will reply promptly.

For the past five years, BD has pulled the Public Intox arrest database from the Dallas Police Department and posted a list of people who were celebrating on Lower Greenville just a little harder than the law allows.

Welcome to the 2010 version of BD's Public Intoxication Page of Shame. By the end of this year, it will be the page with the most hits on this website. Happens every year.

Lowest Greenville is a great place to get shit-faced drunk. It's a great place to get busted for public intoxication.

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Texas judge upholds shield law in criminal case

A state judge in Texas earlier this week quashed a subpoena ordering a journalist to testify in a murder trial, in a rare test of the reporter's privilege in criminal courts since Texas enacted its Free Flow of Information Act in 2009.

Defense attorneys argued that, as shown by her articles, Donna Fielder, a staff writer for the Denton Record-Chronicle, was privy to essential information that would refute investigators' testimonies concerning the defendant.

But District Judge Bruce McFarling said that Fielder was protected from testifying under the state shield law. The law says that a party trying to compel a journalist to testify must first exhaust all efforts to find the information elsewhere, show that the information is material and relevant to the case, and show that the information is essential to the claim.

Click here for the complete story (Reporters Committee for the Freedom of the Press)

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Burglars celebrate NYE on Lowest Greenville

Angela Hunt's apocalyptic version of Lowest Greenville has not kicked in yet, but the bad guys are already picking over the carcasses of businesses on life support.

This weekend saw two burglaries on the street, and there's a good chance they are connected.

According to DPD report 0001228-Y, and Winedale Bar's Facebook postings, burglars broke in early Sunday morning, relieving them of two video arcade games. Early today, Lakewood Gardens' staff came back from their New Years break to find the front door of their office kicked in (DPD 0002060-Y). They lost a door, a time clock and cash register.

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