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TABC - "Taking Action to Block Cameras"?

Update 10.9 - The TABC has started an investigation into why TABC Agents interfered with the recording of police action taken in a public place. According to an email from Robert Meissner, from the TABC's Office of Professional Responsibility (formerly known as the Internal Affairs Unit)... administrative inquiry has been initiated into your allegations of unprofessional conduct on the part of the agency personnel involved.  You will receive written correspondence by mail documenting the agency's receipt of your information, along with documents to file a formal complaint against the officers involved. Upon conclusion of this investigation, a disposition letter will be sent to you citing the outcome of this investigation.

BD likes to celebrate Texas - OU Weekend like he celebrates St. Patrick's Day on Lower Greenville - far, far away.

But our dinner date ended early, so we wandered down the street to see how things were shaking. We were not expecting anything unusual and BD was not carrying the video camera.

Too damn bad, too. He walked right into a mass arrest of six persons in a truck who hit a small vehicle and then tried to get away. We guess they never saw the dozens of cops standing about 30 feet away on the corner.

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Just the facts: Burglary stories from the victims

A few weeks ago, BD reported on the recent jump in residential burglaries, including the now-captured Garage Burglar, taking place in the Lower Greenville area.

The most recent DPD incident reports for this area show that it is getting harder and harder to protect your home (note: These stats do not include residential areas north of Vickery Avenue).

BD asked his readers to tell about their recent incidents, with the intent of putting up a map to show the events. Instead, we have decided to post their comments and only general descriptions of their home's locations.

These comments have been edited for spelling and a little bit of grammar checking only.

If you want to submit your burglary story, click here...

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DPD: How we caught the Greenland Hills garage burglars

The DPD is still cleaning up the mess created by the Greenland Hills garage burglars after their arrest on Wednesday morning. In addition to the two burglars and a juvenile accomplice, they also discovered a fencing operation for the stolen goods.

DPD Northeast's Deputy Chief Jan Easterling sent this summary of events to BD late Wednesday evening...

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Greenlands Hills garage burglar in custody

The Greenland Hills NA/Crimewatch has sent an email blast to its list, reporting an arrest in the recent garage burglaries.

DPD sources confirm the information, but stress they do not know if this person is tied to the recent home burglaries in the area.

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Did you know there was a crimewave on Lower Greenville?

You know the feeling... and you don't ever want to experience it.

You come home and find your back door standing wide open.

Your heart says, Oh, someone must have left it open by accident. It's nothing.

But your brain is saying, No, the wood frame around the door is shattered, and there's broken glass on the ground.

You don't have to go inside. You already know you've been burglarized.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville
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