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Public safety issues in and around Lower Greenville

Are scumbar patrons removing No-Parking signs?

From the porch at the Dog Pound, BD has a clear view of Lower Greenville and some of the parking lots. And for years, the number of cars sitting on said parking lots has been a very accurate measurement of just how busy - or not - the scumbars are at any given moment.

And for the past few weeks, this yardstick has been saying the same thing - It's getting really quiet out here.

Even the noisy scumbars are not so noisy most weekends. BD has always wondered how any business can survive on maybe 6 hours of heavy traffic in a week.

So it comes as a surprise to hear that someone - probably a scumbar patron who found his car towed - has taken it upon themselves to remove various No Parking signs in the neighborhood, presumably in an effort to create their own version of close-in parking.

At $200 plus the ticket, that creates a very expensive parking space.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville
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The word for the day is "parking"

The writer of this editorial lives in North Dallas. The editorial was submitted to the DMN, but has not yet been published.

Upon reading your editorials, I note a common thread which defines at least one problem for visitors to the Greenville/ Lower Greenville area - parking.

I am a member a group of sixteen adults that dine out frequently. Among the places we used to frequent was the Greenville area. As time progressed, we found little or no parking during prime dining periods, except for valet parking services.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville
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Scumbars can't lie to the media with a straight face (or the facts)

The past few weeks of public attention being focused on Lower Greenville is making local businesses do something they really hate: Talking to the media.

Too bad they can't figure out how to lie better.

BD's favorite gaffe - Firehouse's Jordan Lowery lied to the DMN when he said -

But Mr. Lowery disputes police estimates that several thousand bar patrons congregate on Lower Greenville at closing time on the weekends. His estimate is closer to 500 or 600.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville
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DPD sergeant admits to sending obscene email to BD

BD:  "It's even more surprising and shocking that somebody I don't know would go to the effort and trouble and grief to do this."

WFAA News8 is reporting that DPD Sgt. Ramon Gonzalez, a 15-year veteran, has admitted sending one of the obscene emails to BD, just 37 minutes after BD was given a now-dismissed 911 abuse ticket two weekends ago.

BD was interviewed by Brett Shipp just a few hours ago. If you missed the newscast, you missed seeing BD's jaw hit the ground.

BD has no idea who this guy is, and does not remember ever meeting him.

Click here to see the WFAA News8 report - registration required

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville
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Buddy, can you spare a (traffic) light?

Someone at City Hall must be listening to Lower Greenville residents, or at least reading the accident reports.

This photograph, shot by Puppette #1, shows a city crew digging very deep holes on the corners at Belmont and Matilda.

Those holes will soon be occupied by traffic light poles that will - we sincerely hope - put a stop to the large number of accidents at this intersection (see previous stories here and here).

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville
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