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How much money does a scumbar really earn?

After last Tuesday's community meeting, where new scumbar owners (okay, they said they were bringing fine dining to Lower Greenville, but we all know that's a crock of poop) were telling us how badly they needed outdoor dining patio spaces and no more head-in parking, BD had flashbacks to 1999.

Until a few years ago, BD was tracking the sales of Mixed Beverages on Lower Greenville. BD posted the figures (publicly available from the Texas State Comptroller's website) to show how scumbar owners were crying in our beer (after we paid for it) when they cried poor and could not afford things like security, free parking, and neighborhood security.

To quote Jeanne Terilli from the first time we posted these numbers,You are starting a war out here.

So BD pulled up some recent numbers and built himself a spreadsheet. Our article about the meeting is still in process, but BD is sharing the sales figures for discussion. Figures represent scumbars with MB permits (Mixed Beverages), not BG (Beer/Wine).

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Kunkle announces motion to dismiss 911 abuse citation

DPD Chief David Kunkle announced late Monday afternoon his office will ask the City Attorney to file a request for dismissal of the abuse of 911 citation issued against BD on Saturday evening.

DPD sources tell BD the original recommendation to dismiss came from DPD Central Chief Brian Harvey. After reviewing the report and citation early Monday morning, he concluded there was no reasonable basis for the citation. One source tells BD that Harvey had a simple way of reviewing the issue with the officer and his staff - You have to convince me why I should not dismiss this ticket.

The patrol officer's contention that he had documention proving BD made too many calls to 911 is raising questions about private scorecards being kept by officers on residents calling for assistance.

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Timeline - DPD officer harrassment of BD

This is the unofficial timeline for events leading up to BD getting a ticket for abuse of the 911 system when there is no clear and present emergency and a series of obscene emails sent from a Dallas DPD Central Division computer.

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DPD officers ticket BD, send obscene email over noise complaint - May 21, 2006

Tension between bar owners and neighborhood residents are nothing new on Lower Greenville. So it should come as no surprise that when Suede Bar and Grill opened what they claimed to be the "biggest rooftop bar patio in Texas" complete with live music, someone was bound to call the police.

When the bar turned up the music, Avi Adelman, of fame, complained.

But instead of the peace and quiet he hoped to find, Adelman ended up getting a ticket himself.

A little over an hour later, Adelman received a profanity-laced email. The sender was traced back to a computer at the Dallas Police Department's Central Operations Division.

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Click here to see the KXAS newscast / Monday

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Suede: The old new horse's ass on Lower Greenville

Do you remember that famous scene in The Godfather, where the sleeping business tycoon wakes up to find an offer he can't refuse: A custom-made horse head pillow in his bed?

After getting tickets for loud noise blaring off their rooftop patio on most weekend evenings, the not-so-wise guys operating the Suede scumbar are pulling that same kind of crap on BD.

Someone needs to buy these dummies a clue, and soon.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville
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