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Public safety issues in and around Lower Greenville

DPD busts burglary suspect in Vickery Place @ Thursday morning

DPD officers (uniform and covert), responding to a 911 call from a neighbor, caught a burglar in the act of breaking into a home at 5254 Miller @ Laneri at approximately 10am this Thursday morning.

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Details are pending a police report being issued. We can only speculate that the presence of covert officers indicates an effort to catch someone responsible for recent burglaries in the area.

A DPD officer told BD - "This looks like a good catch for the neighborhood."


Update, 330pm - According to the DPD Offense Report (link) -

The Arrested Person entered complainant's garage by force and took listed property without complainant's permission. Arrested Person was apprehended in complainant's front yard by Arresting Officers after a brief foot chase.

He was transported to Central (Division) Investigative where he refused to be interviewed.

Complainant's rubber inner tube and workout wrist straps were found in Arrested Person's left front pocket. Comp's Giant bicycle was found standing halfway in the doorway of the garage which was inside.

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WalMart Lowest Greenville Bingo card

Dozens of things and people you will never see in the soon to open WalMart Neighborhood Market on Lowest Greenville. You can never ever call BINGO in this store!

Click on the card to embiggen and print.

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Austin Police revealing pattern of abuse against citizens who record

Carlos Miller / PINAC

The Austin Police Department introduced a "training bulletin" last month meant to educate officers on how to legally deal with citizens who record them in public.

But all it did was allow officers to create their own laws in order to justify arresting these citizens.

And that was probably the intent of it considering they are dealing with a growing number of activists who record them in public, including one incident in which activist Antonio Buehler outed an undercover cop on video last month.

That same cop, Justin Berry, arrested Buehler two nights later while in uniform, marking the second time since January that Buehler had been arrested for recording cops.

It was an obvious case of retaliation for the video that exposed him in a popular bar area targeting young, underage women who were consuming alcohol.

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DFR responds to strange powder on sidewalks

Dallas Fire/Rescue responded to an NBC (Nuclear/Biological/Chemical) threat report late Wednesday evening. Mounds of an unknown powder had been found on the sidewalks in front of three homes on a Lowest Greenville street.

After a 30-minute testing process, it was determined the powder was a harmless home product and removed.

BD is not disclosing the name of the street or the type of powder found.

At the same time, DPD was responding to a call regarding a dead body on the 5700 block of Kenwood. No more details were available at posting, but two DPD squad cars were still parked on the street at 1145pm.

More photos here.

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Shooting @ Taco Bell CityPlace leaves one dead in parking lot

Click here to read the DPD's Arrest Warrant

Update 6am Monday from Dallas Police Department

The victim, Marcos Sanchez, a 21 year old Hispanic, was a known drug dealer. He had agreed to meet the suspect, Dyani Brown, a 21 year old Black male, and another witness to complete a drug transaction. He was shot multiple times by Brown, who is now in custody.

Dallas Police are investigating a shooting at the Taco Bell / Pizza Hut on Lemmon @ Washington (near the Super Target), Sunday evening 645pm. Per witnesses and radio reports, the shooter stood next to the car and pumped at least four bullets into the driver's side window. There was one dead on the scene, and one transported to the hospital condition unknown.

From the Dallas Morning News

Police got the shooting call about 6:40 p.m., and later confirmed one person was killed.

The car reversed into the restaurant's exterior wall — whether after or during the shooting was unclear. Its passenger window was completely shattered.

Police sequestered witnesses inside the restaurant and released few details about the killing. The medical examiner showed up about 8 p.m. with a stretcher and prepared to remove the body from the car.

From DFW Scanner -

Shooting (Dallas) 2404 N. Washington Ave. - Reporting persons advising two unknown suspects just shot someone in the parking lot of the Taco Bell. Suspects are two black males that fled in different directions,

Suspect One is wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans shorts, Suspect Two is wearing a navy blue shirt and blue jeans shorts.

Suspect One fled unknown direction in a silver or grey unknown model Chrysler, Suspect Two fled on foot towards the housing projects at 3535 Munger Ave.

Elements advising they have multiple witnesses also requesting additional elements along with P.E.S. and CAPERS Homicide.

Photos by BD are posted here. Warning - Victim photos are NSFW.

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