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Sheriff suspends deputy who seized biker's camera

Posted on September 12, 2012 at 5:59 PM / Updated at 6:16 PM

David Schecter / WFAA News

DALLAS — The Dallas County Sheriff's Department has issued a 38-day suspension to a deputy who stopped a motorcycle rider without cause and seized his helmet camera.

The raw video of the Memorial Day weekend arrest by Deputy James Westbrook has been seen by almost half a million people around the world on YouTube.

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Another armed robbery on Lowest Greenville

Dallas Police are investigating another armed robbery on Lowest Greenville early Monday morning. This is the first incident since a string of robberies back in July, which resulted in two arrests.

The DPD Offense Report gives the address as a parking lot at 1912 Greenville, but we think they are referring to the parking lot across the street on Alta Avenue near Taco Cabana. The incident took place at 220am Monday morning.

According to the report...

Dispatched to an Aggravated Robbery at the listed location. Upon arrival Reporting Officers met with the complainant who stated he had been robbed at gunpoint with some sort of revolver handgun.

The complainant stated he gave up his wallet and his cell phone and the two suspects took off to an unknown location on foot.

The complainant stated that one suspect was armed with an automatic handgun and the other was armed with a revolver.

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Dallas police investigate M Streets sex assault


Posted on September 8, 2012 at 9:52 PM / Updated yesterday at 9:54 PM

DALLAS — Dallas police are investigating a sexual assault in the M Streets district on Friday night. Investigators said a man knocked on the victim's apartment door on Martel Avenue; when she opened the door, he pointed a gun at her.

The man sexually assaulted the victim, then hogtied her with cords and duct tape. The suspect stole beer out of her refrigerator and also took her cell phone. The victim told police she had seen the man in her apartment complex a few days earlier.

One week earlier, police were called to an apartment on Gaston Avenue. The armed suspect in that case knocked on the victim's door and then sexually molested her. The suspect also stole items from the woman's refrigerator and some electronics.

In both cases, the suspect was a Latin male with tattoos on his arms, but police aren't saying whether the cases are linked.

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Link to (redacted) police report

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A Kodak Moment - busted for curfew, flipping the bird at the photographer. How cute...

BD has been sitting on this set of photos since last weekend, even though I posted a few teasers about the bratty teenagers in them on my Facebook page.

Just before midnight, Saturday, August 25th, a DPD bait-car (wired up with cameras and remote shut-off controls) was stolen. That's the goal in life for these cars, remember. The tracking signal was picked up near Mockingbird and Greenville Avenues. Within minutes, it led officers to a location near the Office Depot on Upper Greenville. By the time several squad cars flooded the area, BD was yelling at his scanner, "He's eating chicken fingers in Raising Cane's - go get him!"

BD was running errands nearby, so he ran over for some photo ops. On his arrival, several DPD cars were in the parking lot. The alleged perp was being interrogated in the back corner. And on the sidewalk, lined up like ducks, were four teenagers. Surely not all of these kids were busted in the same bait car, were they??? BD was told off-the-record by people at the restaurant the four teens were being detained for curfew violations and being a little rowdy in the restaurant. No one's willing to tell much more than that. Two of the kids (one was wearing a BL shirt) were with (older) friends in the restaurant, who were waiting around for him to be released.

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Fatal accident on Central Expressway off-ramp

by Monika Diaz / WFAA News 8

Posted on September 2, 2012 at 10:10 PM / Updated at 5 AM

DALLAS — Two people who were apparently trying to fill their car's gasoline tank on a busy off-ramp were struck by another vehicle Sunday night.

The Dallas County Medical Examiner's office said Margaret Wilson, 22, died. Another woman was seriously hurt.

Police said the accident happened at the Knox-Henderson exit from southbound North Central Expressway shortly before 9 o'clock. A total of three vehicles were involved in the crash, and the exit was shut down during the police investigation.

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