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DPD man-rule: Burglary is the new public intox charge (updated)

Update @ Thursday afternoon - Charges are being upgraded to (a minimum) of criminal mischief, while DPD explores other options

Updated @ Wednesday morning with comments from the second victim!

When it comes to fighting crime, it helps when you have the bad guy in custody right after the incident takes place. And if he has blood on his hands (the real stuff), you don't even need to call in CSI to make the case.

So would someone tell me why someone found to have tried to break into three houses along a Lowest Greenville residential street - with blood on his hands and the window - is only going to jail on a public intoxication charge??

By Avi S. Adelman under Crimewatch , Legal issues
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CSI Lower Greenville: The case of the (poorly) painted curbs

UPDATE - Wednesday - The City of Dallas and ONCOR have confirmed they did not paint the curbs along Prospect Avenue or Oram Street nearly two weeks ago. After determining it would cost more than $1,300 to repaint the curbs to a more neutral shade of white, the Dallas Police Department has opened a criminal mischief complaint and started an investigation to determine who painted the curbs. Details to follow...

While taking a walk on Lower Greenville Saturday evening, BD was approached by several business owners and valets. All of them had the same question: Why were the curbs on 5700 Prospect (behind Char Bar) and on 5700 Oram (along the Oncor substation) painted red last week?

Both paint jobs were done sometime between midnight Thursday, October 2nd, and the next Friday evening. On Prospect, the red curb starts at the Char Bar and ends at the property line between the last parking lot and the office buildings, or nearly 400 feet with four driveways interrupting the colors. On Oram Street, the paint runs on north side of the street from service alley to almost the corner of Matilda Avenue, and also runs the length of south side of the street next to Whisky Bar from Greenville to Hope Street.

By Avi S. Adelman under Crimewatch , Lower Greenville
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Kunkle: Two Glocks Up for Frats Gone Wild

BD has been working with a digital video camera for just a few months, but every day he learns a new trick or special effect.

Most of all, he understands what YouTube figured out a long time ago - Video is more fun to watch than still images.

Last week's Frats Gone Wild! video, the latest in the Gone Wild! series (Valets Gone Wild!, Bar Owner Gone Wild!) has more than 1,000 YouTube hits as of early Sunday morning. It also generated a ton of comments on the Observer's Unfair Park blog.

But that's nothing compared to getting rave reviews at - drum roll - Dallas City Hall. DPD Chief David Kunkle gave Frats Gone Wild! Two Glocks Up and made it required viewing for the Dallas City Council.

By Avi S. Adelman under Crimewatch , Lower Greenville
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The Case of the Cicumsized Quote

When Bill Dickerson was interviewed for the last weekend's DMN story about BD (link - Barking Dog still on the prowl), he was on vacation in Florida. He told the reporter he was not gonna be happy if they cut his quotes the wrong way.

Guess what happened? The gutted his quote of any sense whatsoever, and made it look like BD was crazier than even his own daughter would admit.

Here is the complete quote from Bill, added to the DMN paragraph

Bill Dickerson, 63, used to walk the streets with Mr. Adelman on weekend nights. They are two of the last holdouts from a crime watch group who haven't moved out of the area, he said.

"They lump us together in the same peanut shell, and we're not. My idea is that if we talk about it, we can resolve it," Mr. Dickerson said.

(cut) "Now don't get me wrong, talking doesn't always work. Then I call up Avi and say 'Hey Avi, what are we going to do about this?!'

See the difference???

By Avi S. Adelman under Crimewatch , Lower Greenville

Lost dry cleaning ticket caused smashed store windows

By Avi S. Adelman under Crimewatch , Safe streets
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