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Yucatan and Service Bar dropped their suit over Lower Greenville SUP ordinance ... then closed their doors

By Robert Wilonsky / Dallas Morning News / Apr. 10, 2012

I spent way too much time last year documenting the fight between Yucatan and Service Bar and the city of Dallas over the ordinance requiring all Lower Greenville businesses to get specific use permits if they want to keep their doors open past midnight. The ordinance, OK'd by the city council in January 2011, is intended to rid the stretch of recently redone street of the so-called "bad actors," as Angela Hunt and Pauline Medrano often called them.

And when the council denied Yucatan and Service Bar their SUPs in September, Medrano said, "If we're going to decrease crime, we need to make sure these type of establishments are not in business."


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By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Lower Greenville
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El Paso federal court dismisses SLAPP suit against neighborhood association

A federal judge in El Paso granted several motions to dismiss in a "SLAPP" suit in federal court this week.

The lawsuit, filed by night club owner David Cooper against the Cielo Vista neighborhood association, the City of El Paso and several individual defendants (a total of 12 defendants) alleged defamation and tortuous interference. The neighborhood association and several neighbors had spoken out against Cooper's plans to bring a nightclub into the area and the City of El Paso supported the neighbors. The association also protested a liquor license application. KFOX Channel 14 posted a story about the lawsuit on its website.

Defendants filed several motions to dismiss on various grounds, including based on the Texas Citizens Participation Act, Texas' new anti-SLAPP law. As one of the motions stated, "CVNA is being sued for encouraging its City Representatives to act!"

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BD Note - An Unopposed No-Evidence Motion for Summary Judgment, asking the court to dismiss Lost Society's and Fernando Rosales' suit against Barking Dog, will be held on April 27th. This lawsuit was filed before the Citizens Participation Act was filed; BD claimed protection under the Texas Shield Law, which protects a reporter's sources of information from disclosure.

Rosales is currently getting ready to spend Easter in the Rockwall County Jail after being arrested for possession of more than 3 kilos of methamphetamine last October. BD has no idea if he will play the role of Easter Bunny or Easter Chick for his cellmate.

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So it begins, not with a cry or whimper, but a cut in the asphalt

One thing BD can say about living across the street from the future site of the Lowest Greenville WalMart (among so many other things I can think of) - I have a front row seat to all the work taking place.

And I guess you can mark your calendars as the first day of the construction (oops, tenant improvements) on the site. Here are photos of the as-we-speak slicing and dicing of the Blockbuster parking lot, to be followed by the Whole Foods side. A review of the site plans shows the Belmont entry will be the primary construction crew entrance. After being scraped, it will be filled with gravel in order to withstand abuse. Eventually, the entire parking lot will be re-asphalted, new traffic islands and lights, and updated driveways with traffic signs installed.


More photos after the break...

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Wal-Mart's Lower Greenville plans should be announced soon

By Maria Halkias/Reporter / Dallas Morning News

Lower Greenville residents expect to hear news from Wal-Mart within the next week.

Wal-Mart spokeswoman Kellie Duhr said in a recent email that the lease for the former Blockbuster and Whole Foods space should be competed this month.

This has dragged on a bit. Not sure who is the tougher negotiator, Wal-Mart or former Dallas councilman MItchell Rasansky, who owns the property.

"Once we have a deal and the final documents are executed, we anticipate moving forward quickly to start the renovation work," Duhr said.

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St. Patrick's Day 2012 - The blood, guts, unsafe food, trash and photos

The DPD has posted its stats for the Lowest Greenville St. Patrick's Day events - parade and party - and it's kinda interesting what the local media does not include in their summaries.

The official numbers as of Sunday morning's report -

27 service calls

22 PI arrests

5 Investigation arrests - three Aggravated Assaults, Assault on Public Servant, Felony Theft

1 arrest for outstanding warrants

5 misdemeanor arrests

20 non traffic citations

215 parking tickets

13 vehicles towed

For the entire city -

37 DWI Arrests

Voluntary Breath Analysis - 22

Voluntary Blood Blood Analysis - 6

Mandatory Blood Analysis - 0

Blood Warrants - 9

That list includes this couple (and another guy in the paddy (cute!) wagon, who were arrested after midnight near Taco Cabana.

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