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Trader Joe's drops one shoe, but what about Whole Foods?

The Lakewood Advocate's resident curmedgeon blogger, Jeff Siegel, is best remembered by his dozen or so loyal readers as saying that BD's 15 minutes of fame were so way up a few years back. Well, both of us are still blogging, but BD ain't the one wearing a tie.

That said, his comments on the recent Trader Joe's coming to Lowest Greenville announcement actually have a few points that merit attention. His information pretty much is confirmed by BD's sources, so we are taking the lazy way out and linking to his story

The parking issue is one BD has heard the most comments about. Considering that many of the area streets are already Resident Parking Only at night, we are only a hop-step-and-a-petition-drive away from asking for 24/7 RPO. But considering that Whole Foods parking on residential streets was only an issue on Thanksgiving weekend, that does not seem likely.

Here's hoping the other shoe will drop on the Whole Foods property (any shoe will do) and soon. Buh-bye Wal-Mart, hello god knows what Mitchell Get The Hell Out of My House Rasansky will bestow on Lowest Greenville.

Trader Joe's, Lower Greenville, and the new Dallas

Everyone I talked to yesterday — and I talked to a lot of people in the real estate and grocery businesses — had the same reaction to the news that Trader Joe's would open its first Dallas store on Lower Greenville. Shock. Surprise. Incredulity, even.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that reaction was our problem. We were surprised because we expected something else to happen because we're used to something else happening. Big-time, desirable national retailers don't open in our neighborhood. They open in the Park Cities or Preston Hollow or Far North Dallas. But not here. We have crime. We have people who don't look like TV commercials. We aren't demographically perfect.

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Yay, 7-Eleven is back!

Well, it's about time: Just in time for New Year's Eve, the Lowest Greenville 7-Eleven, which has been closing at midnight since last September because somebody forgot to fill out their SUP paperwork, is now back in a 24 hour operating model. According to one of the owners, their SUP was approved yesterday and the new Certificate of Occupancy just a few hours later.

Expect them to be open at midnight starting tonight (Friday). BD's been missing his 2am cappucino fix so bad...

This photo is now officially historical.
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Can I buy an "H"?

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Dead street walking - the official list

Updated Sunday evening, September 25

Friday was the official kick-off for the late-hours permit requirement on Lowest Greenville, and folks, it was a mild mess.

According to a list of businesses provided by a City Hall source, only four businesses have all their paperwork ready to go. The rest are waiting for their new Certificates of Occupancy tied to their new Specific Use Permits. And that wait could cost them lots of money in lost income or citations for operating without permits.

Late news from the Unfair Blog / Dallas Observer: The Lowest Greenville 7-Eleven will close their doors every evening at midnight until 6am, until they get their permit. That will take about three months. It will be first time in centuries that Lowest Greenville will not have an operating 7-Eleven store after midnight.

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Dead street walking: Turn out the lights, the party is so over (unless you are 7-Eleven)

New late hour rules take effect Friday, but there are already holes in the system

Code Compliance officers walked Lowest Greenville at midnight (with an armed escort cuz they ain't crazy) telling businesses to get ready to close their doors at midnight Thursday if they don't have the new late-hours permit. And by the way, if you don't have a permit, you will get a ticket but you won't be forced to close your doors.

So much for a bad law being made completely ineffective in record time.

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