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Is Walmart diggin' Lowest Greenville??

About a month ago, BD and Unfair Park posted stories about someone - maybe Walmart - kicking the tires at the former Whole Foods location. We were told by property owner Mitchell Rasansky it would be early September before a deal was announced.

For the past two days, a team of inspectors from Alpha Testing has been kicking the tires really hard inside and outside the former Whole Foods and former Blockbuster buildings. Today, a large drill was going down past the 40 foot level to get samples of whatever is buried way down there (40 feet is about equal to the height of a four-story house). The engineers doing the work could not tell BD who they working for (they did not know) but they were willing to explain the process.

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By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Lower Greenville
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Just another brick off the wall...

The US Geological Survey reports a very mild earthquake rattled the Dallas area last evening. The report puts the epicenter somewhere near Greenville, Texas, but BD thinks that might be a typo and it was in fact centered on Lowest Greenville.

About the same time as the earthquake, an apparently intoxicated young man (reported to be 17 years old) was driving northbound on Summit Avenue in a pick-up truck when he careened into a house (luckily unoccupied) on the northeast corner of Bell Street, taking out the stop sign on the sidewalk. His vehicle hit the front wall near the door, causing a whole bunch of bricks to fall on the hood and windshield.

The driver pulled into reverse, backing out into the path of another car going south on Summit Avenue (which was able to swerve out of the way), then drove east on Bell Street towards Greenville Avenue. Luckily, before he could enter the busy traffic, two flat tires brought the truck to a standstill in front of the tattoo parlor about half-way down the block.

The official DPD report is not yet posted, but BD understands the driver was taken into custody after an on-site accident investigation. Friends of the homeowner came out to help remove valuables and seal the house pending repairs.

Note the bottle of Jack Daniels on top of the truck over the drivers' side - it was empty.

More photos of the incident can be found here.

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It's not a nail salon, it's a Taco Cabana commercial!

If you had to have your Taco Cabana fix on Saturday, but found the parking lot blocked by DPD officers, large trucks, and lots of movie gear, just wait a few more hours. TC was shooting another series of commercials featuring comedian Anjelah Johnson all day. The commercials currently running were shot here last May.

BD was given behind-the-scenes access this afternoon - let's roll those beautiful baked bean photos...

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The sky is falling (or, Is Walmart coming to Lowest Greenville?)

UPDATE 12noon - The Dallas Observer's Unfair Park blog reports on the Lowest Greenville Whole Foods issue - click here. Per property owner Mitchell Rasansky, we should know what's happening within six weeks (early September for those who are counting). A confidentiality agreement prevents him from saying anything else.

The interweb and phones are abuzz with rumors about the empty-for-two-years Whole Foods space on Lowest Greenville this week. Let's review what we read versus what we know.

We know nothing. Mitchell Rasansky and his gang of real estate thugs are not going to let anything out of the bag until they have cashed the check. When he's not tossing people out of his house, that's the way Rasansky rolls.

Back in June, The Advocate's Jeff Siegel, not always a font of accuracy himself (he predicted the Blockbuster would stay put), posted a story listing the different options for the property and referencing CBRE's property promotion flyer, which noted a 50-year lease option.

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Late-hours permits - Three up, one down, and some parking fireworks

The first four applications for the Lowest Greenville Planned Development Late-Hours Permits and Bar/Lounge Tavern (say that five times really fast) were presented to the City's Plan Commission on Thursday afternoon. And so far, it's three up, one down, and down hard. The goal of the plan is to limit the impact and number of high-intensity, regional bars, and the problems their drunken patrons cause in the neighborhoods.

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Lower Greenville
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