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Melissa Kingston v Avi S. Adelman (DC1210604)

All documents from the suit styled Melissa Kingston v Avi S.

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Oak Cliff neighborhood group relishes 'huge victory' in zoning fight

By Roy Appleton / 8:38 am on September 19, 2012

Pam Conley has been watchdogging her Kidd Springs neighborhood for years. And days after a City Council vote, she is guardedly upbeat.

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"This was a huge victory," she said of the council's unanimous decision last week to keep a restaurant away from Kidd Springs homes.

Mark Miranda and his real estate investment partner Craig Schenkel wanted to rezone property they own at the corner of Bishop Avenue and Neely Street for such a venture. An occupied rental house and boarded-up apartment building now occupy the site on the northern fringe of the Bishop Arts District.

But Conley, Keith Jasiecki and others vigorously opposed the plan, raising concerns about intrusive noise, traffic and curbside parking in the long-established Oak Cliff neighborhood.

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Andres family is apparently selling Henderson Avenue properties

Jeff Siegel - Lakewood/East Dallas Advocate

East Dallas' Andres family, which has owned parts of Henderson Avenue and lowest Greenville for almost 40 years, has apparently sold its Henderson Avenue holdings to a real estate investment firm in Los Angeles. One Henderson business owner told me he received a letter from his property manager outlining the sale, while a second person with knowledge of the deal said he has met with the new owners. Both requested anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the transaction.

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Four reasons the West Nile Virus spraying program is just like the Lowest Greenville Avenue rezoning

It was a mass effort targeted at just a few issues but hit everything with a giant sledge hammer just to prove a point (mosquitos - bad bars)

It took a lot of public handwringing to get done, mostly for the camera (Rawlings signing the 'declaration of emergency - NSA Hunt holding public meet
ings, both of which were dog and pony shows).

There were alot of unintended consequences, mostly under the 'whoops, we missed that category' (dead birds, sick cats, dead fish - Winedale Tavern, unannounced Certificate of Occupancy fees, stifled economic development, WalMart)

The long-term effects are slow to come out (impact on organic gardens, impact on fishponds, impact on people - bars moving to Skillman/Live Oak causing parking issues, decreased property values, issues re unfair competition)

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Two dead in shooting @ 5700 block of Marquita

From the Dallas Police Department's Public Information Office -

At approximately 12:09 am Officers responded to a shooting call in the 5700 block of Marquita Street.

Upon their arrival they found two individuals, a man and woman, shot and lying on the front porch deceased.

[BD Note - The DPD report indicates the shooting occurred on the front porch of 5711 Marquita, which per DCAD is owned by one of the victims.]

The two complainants were identified as: Lemma, Yayehyirad, B/M/6-19-1972 and Desta, Yenenesh B/F/2-28-1981. Next of kin has been made. Service numbers 201991-Z and 202131-Z.

This an active investigation No additional information at this time.

From the Dallas Morning News - According to police, Lemma is the owner of Desta, an Ethiopian restaurant on Greenville Avenue near Forest Lane.

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