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John's Cafe celebrates 40 years on Lowest Greenville

John's Cafe celebrated it's 40th anniversary this Sunday morning, by serving breakfast for 98 cents, the same price when he opened the doors at the original location on Middle Greenville (in the space now occupied by BBT Bank).

Seated - Georgia (John's daughter) and John.
John's location on Lowest Greenville just above Ross Avenue
John's original location on Greenville @ Vickery.
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Suspect(s) in custody in Lowest Greenville / East Dallas armed robberies

The Dallas Police Department just flashed a notice to Lowest Greenville crimewatch members. They are reporting at least one arrest (but BD has heard there may be two more) of a suspect in a series of armed robberies in the area.

Less than two weeks ago, shots were fired during a daring daylight robbery on La Vista Court - see story here, see police report here. And then last Friday, another armed robbery with similar suspect information and descriptions took place on Prairie Avenue near Columbia/Fitzhugh - see reports here and here.

In both cases, the suspects were driving the same white Nissan Maxima (apparently they never learned to steal a car before robbing anyone). During the second robbery, one of the witnesses managed to write down the license plate, despite being threatened with being shot for doing it.

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Does the WalMart construction site have some bad Lowest Greenville mojo??

Over the years, BD has researched the changes in the area even before the bars showed up in the late '90s. The businesses down here put the C in Community Retail in the late 60's and 70's, and residential property was found on what are now parking lots on Alta and Sears Streets.

In 1969, several houses on the corner of Richmond and Greenville, and Belmont and Greenville, were torn down to make way for a really cool - are you ready for this? - Safeway and Skillern's Pharmacy. Safeway crashed out in the 80's, replaced by Blue Bonnet, which was sucked up by Whole Foods. And now, of course, Whole Foods has been gone for three years, which created the opportunity for WalMart to swoop in and begin $3.9 million in so-called 'tenant improvements.'

BD is beginning to wonder if in all the excitement of taking over the space, WalMart's folksy engineers should have done a check to see if there were evil spirits under the property. Maybe an old graveyard or two. We're not sure what's going on, but the contractors are having a hell of time keeping things from walking off the property after hours. Not a week after they installed mobile offices on the site, they were cleaned out of all the copper plumbing - $1,500 gone in a few hours.

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Advocacy group: new study shows when Walmart comes to your neighborhood, expect lost jobs and millions in lost in wages

SEATTLE, April 23, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — A new report from Puget Sound Sage, a Seattle economic policy advocacy organization, and authored by economic impact expert Dr. Chris Fowler of the University of Washington, reveals that each new Walmart store opening in a Puget Sound neighborhood will result in a net loss of $13 million of net economic output and $14 million in lost wages over the 20 year life of the store. A copy of the report can be found here.

Dr. Fowler is one of the first in the nation to use detailed economic analysis to determine the impact of a new Walmart "neighborhood market" and stands in direct contrast to the academically weak reports commissioned by Walmart to promote its expansion in urban areas in recent years.

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Armed robbery reported in Lowest Greenville area

Two Lowest Greenville residents were attacked on Tuesday afternoon during a robbery in broad daylight at the corner of 5800 La Vista Court and Hubert. This is a very secluded corner, on a street that is barely two cars wide. This is one of those streets that you will never know even exists. It is also home to the Edison La Vista Court Historic District, the smallest one in the City. These perps were on the hunt for money and victims.

Stacy Fesler and Tim Crane talk to News8's Monika Diaz about the aggravated robbery. Watch the video, below.
Click here to see the WFAA story on their website

The attack took place when the residents were returning home from shopping and were set upon by two black males who distracted them by asking for directions. During the attack, the female victim was laying on the ground when an attacker opened fire with a handgun, one barely missing her legs. In all, three shots were fired. The victims were not harmed during the attack. BD has spoken to the victims and they are still in shock. They also have many questions regarding information provided to them by DPD officers who responded to the call, such as saying at one point - These guys (the attackers) have hit eight times today - then later saying - Oh, we don't know anything about other attacks.

The online report for this incident was posted to the DPD server Saturday afternoon (link). The online report for this incident was not available due to problems with the DPD's Offense Report website. Late Friday afternoon, DPD provided a scanned copy of the report (link).

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The LGNA Crimewatch coordinator was notified by unknown parties in the DPD Central Division on Thursday about the attack, and sent a notice out to his email list, which quoted almost verbatim a police report that was not publicly available due to technical / review issues. The other neighborhood associations in the area - BelmontNA (where the attack occurred), Vickery Place NA and Lowest Greenville West NA - were not informed of this event by DPD officials or LGNA. It has been nearly a year since any DPD Central crime alerts have been sent to the crimewatch coordinators for these groups, or your correspondent (who also manages the website DailyCrimeReport.com). BD only discovered the attack while reviewing Friday morning's Daily Crime Report for the neighborhood - the incident was not listed on Thursday's report due to these same technical / review issues.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville
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