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Indicted Dallas County deputy sheriff was suspended for lying about off-duty work at Lost Society

BD has been busybusybusy with little projects and only made a passing glance at recent stories about Dallas County sheriff deputies getting busted for writing citations during overtime shifts paid for with federal money when they were actually written during normal working hours. So far, three deputies have been charged with tampering with a government document with intent to defraud, a state felony punishable by up to two years in prison, according to the DMN story posted today.

While glancing at the story, BD espied a name which rang a little bell - Johnny Quarles Jr. He was the second deputy charged with seven counts of tampering back in February. So BD dug deep into his files and found out why the name rang a bell.

Anyone remember BD's encounter with Deputy Q at Lost Society nearly two years ago. Bueller? Bueller?

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville
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Dallas police report details weekend shooting near Greenville Avenue that left man paralyzed

By Scott Goldstein / Reporter / Dallas Morning News

DMN colleague Tanya Eiserer wrote today about a shooting early Sunday morning near Greenville Avenue that left a man paralyzed from the waist down.

It is believed that the same suspects involved in that shooting also kidnapped a teacher and drove her around to try to get her to withdraw money from ATMs.

The shooting of Ryan Lusk, 23, who was leaving a long day of St. Patrick's Day celebrating in the area, was not mentioned in the Dallas police roundup of crime incidents tied to the annual party or any official releases dispatched to the media.

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By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville
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Wal-Mart's Lower Greenville plans should be announced soon

By Maria Halkias/Reporter / Dallas Morning News

Lower Greenville residents expect to hear news from Wal-Mart within the next week.

Wal-Mart spokeswoman Kellie Duhr said in a recent email that the lease for the former Blockbuster and Whole Foods space should be competed this month.

This has dragged on a bit. Not sure who is the tougher negotiator, Wal-Mart or former Dallas councilman MItchell Rasansky, who owns the property.

"Once we have a deal and the final documents are executed, we anticipate moving forward quickly to start the renovation work," Duhr said.

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By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Lower Greenville
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Have you seen our City Council representative???

By Avi S. Adelman under Dallas City Council , Lower Greenville
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St. Patrick's Day 2012 - The blood, guts, unsafe food, trash and photos

The DPD has posted its stats for the Lowest Greenville St. Patrick's Day events - parade and party - and it's kinda interesting what the local media does not include in their summaries.

The official numbers as of Sunday morning's report -

27 service calls

22 PI arrests

5 Investigation arrests - three Aggravated Assaults, Assault on Public Servant, Felony Theft

1 arrest for outstanding warrants

5 misdemeanor arrests

20 non traffic citations

215 parking tickets

13 vehicles towed

For the entire city -

37 DWI Arrests

Voluntary Breath Analysis - 22

Voluntary Blood Blood Analysis - 6

Mandatory Blood Analysis - 0

Blood Warrants - 9

That list includes this couple (and another guy in the paddy (cute!) wagon, who were arrested after midnight near Taco Cabana.

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Lower Greenville
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