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DHL gets ready to call hearing on BelmontNA membership

Update 9.17.07: It's been nearly a week since the DHL Board was supposed to have discussed BelmontNA's membership application. And so far, no one has notified the association's officers of any decision or action, including the expected protest from Lower Greenville NA.

The BelmontNA is one step closer to membership in the Dallas Homeowners League.


According to DHL president Jeri Arbuckle, the DHL Board will accept BelmontNA's application for membership at its monthly Board meeting on Monday evening.

And just as quickly, Lower Greenville NA will file a formal protest to the application due to overlapping boundaries, bad breath and because they don't like anyone who upsets their apple cart.

Inquiring minds want to know if the LGNA membership (the exact number is a national security secret) has any clue what their board is doing??

Do they really want to see Mad Maxine start a knock-down, drag-out fight over who speaks for which neighborhood?

Trust BD, you do not want to bet your money on the little whiney lady from LGNA.

DHL bylaws require a hearing between the two associations before the DHL Board, and Arbuckle said she wants it to take place before the end of September.

Order your tickets now for a ringside seat.

Read the official BelmontNA statement, posted on their website.

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Kunkle: Two Glocks Up for Frats Gone Wild

BD has been working with a digital video camera for just a few months, but every day he learns a new trick or special effect.

Most of all, he understands what YouTube figured out a long time ago - Video is more fun to watch than still images.

Last week's Frats Gone Wild! video, the latest in the Gone Wild! series (Valets Gone Wild!, Bar Owner Gone Wild!) has more than 1,000 YouTube hits as of early Sunday morning. It also generated a ton of comments on the Observer's Unfair Park blog.

But that's nothing compared to getting rave reviews at - drum roll - Dallas City Hall. DPD Chief David Kunkle gave Frats Gone Wild! Two Glocks Up and made it required viewing for the Dallas City Council.

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I want to sue ... everyone ...

The Dallas Observer blog - Unfair Park - posted BD's drunken frat video (Dumb, drunk and on camera) last Tuesday, and in the process unleashed a torrent of angst, criticism, and proposed legal action against BD and BelmontNA.

After more then 40 responses, one post stood head and shoulders above the rest. Post #39, written by someone who has an absolute solid grasp of the issues, had BD and others crying one moment and laughing the next.

With apologies to the Observer's Robert Wilonsky, here is the post (edited for grammar only).

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While you were partying, I was getting towed!

Last evening, a young couple ventured to Lower Greenville in search of fun, drinks and a good time.

Ever the gentleman - and cheapskate - he found a parking space on La Vista Court by the motorcycle shop, just steps away from the bars. Lots of lighting and valet drivers all around to watch his car.

Too bad our lovestruck-visitor did not have the sense to look at the street signs before he parked. If he had, he might not be wondering what happened to his car after he rounded the corner.

Here's the whole story, told from the perspective of his car, along with a video presentation.

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Omigod, it's huge!

Ever since BD started posting his Worst of... Lower Greenville videos, he's been getting questions about his equipment - and motives.

If you have been reading this website on a regular basis, you already know the motive:

To show by well-documented examples how Lower Greenville is not the fun and wholesome entertainment district the scumbar owners say it is.

By extension, we illustrate very clearly why Resident Parking Only is so important for the protection of our residential properties.

Some scumbar owners have even suggested hiring someone to follow BD around so they can shoot him shooting them. That's the most intelligent thing these guys have said in years.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville
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