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Visualizing whirled peas at City Hall

When NSA Hunt is not trying to cover the collective butts of her supporters in LGNA or the DHL, she is - we hope - hard at work at City Hall misrepresenting District 14.

While it's not an ivory tower, and the $37,000 per year salary - no benefits or tax deductions - ain't much to write home about, our city council representatives do get the chance to lobby our elected officials in Austin on issues of immense importance to them and their district, as well as the whole city.

So when the DMN posted the City's 2006 wish-list, BD was anxious to see what our reps were thinking about.

Before we tell you about NSA's priority issue, it's important to ask yourself one question:

Just what were you thinking way back last May when you pushed the ballot button for her?

By Avi S. Adelman under Dallas City Council , Lower Greenville
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Statistics the scumbars would rather you not know ...

After a little bit of delay on BD's part, the Lower Greenville Incident Reports Database has been updated with 2005's data. The information is sorted based on the four Reporting Areas around Lower Greenville and one for Deep Ellum. You can see the maps and data at this link.

Read on for more amazing statistics from Lower Greenville...

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville
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LGNA opens dog-hunting season by taking shots at BD

It's a little early for hunting wild animals in Texas, but that's not stopping LGNA from opening up dissing season on BD.

Considering all the nasty stuff they started saying even before he coordinated Belmont NA's crashing of their private National Night Out event, you gotta wonder who writes their scripts.

Even Mad Maxine could not be this creative.

They now refer to BD as "Mr. Negativity" and then they cut him off from the monthly crime stats data.

As if we can't get this stuff (not the nastiness) on our own??

BD still thinks the sushi served at the BNA table was a lot more fun than plain ole hot dogs. Gone in less than 30 minutes too.

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Lower Greenville
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Nat'l Night Out crimewatch event turns into a crime scene

Have you ever seen a crimewatch event blocked off by crime scene tape??

NSA Hunt fixes the paperwork to keep Belmont NA out

LGNA president assaults Puppette #1

The Lower Greenville National Night Out event at Tietze Park became a crime scene on Tuesday evening - complete with yellow tape and private party signs - as LGNA and NSA Hunt made sure Belmont NA was not allowed to present their point of view.

Throw in a couple of physical altercations, including a 50+ year old woman hitting a 14-year girl, and you begin to wonder just who the bad guys really are.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville
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Scumbar parking spaces slowly evaporating

Parking has always been a scarce commodity around Lower Greenville. According to one City survey, circa 2001, the area was short about 1,500 spaces based on current requirements.  Most of that number included variances, rezonings, and double-dipping of parking spaces by scumbar owners.

The recent surge in new construction is also taking away much of the close-in parking spaces found in the neighborhood. Many new developments have driveway access ramps stretching from one end of the block to the other, removing all the previously open parking spaces. But all the security fences around a property can't stop the noise and beer bottles from landing in these new yards.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville
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