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Another armed robbery on Lowest Greenville

Dallas Police are investigating another armed robbery on Lowest Greenville early Monday morning. This is the first incident since a string of robberies back in July, which resulted in two arrests.

The DPD Offense Report gives the address as a parking lot at 1912 Greenville, but we think they are referring to the parking lot across the street on Alta Avenue near Taco Cabana. The incident took place at 220am Monday morning.

According to the report...

Dispatched to an Aggravated Robbery at the listed location. Upon arrival Reporting Officers met with the complainant who stated he had been robbed at gunpoint with some sort of revolver handgun.

The complainant stated he gave up his wallet and his cell phone and the two suspects took off to an unknown location on foot.

The complainant stated that one suspect was armed with an automatic handgun and the other was armed with a revolver.

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By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville
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Dallas police investigate M Streets sex assault


Posted on September 8, 2012 at 9:52 PM / Updated yesterday at 9:54 PM

DALLAS — Dallas police are investigating a sexual assault in the M Streets district on Friday night. Investigators said a man knocked on the victim's apartment door on Martel Avenue; when she opened the door, he pointed a gun at her.

The man sexually assaulted the victim, then hogtied her with cords and duct tape. The suspect stole beer out of her refrigerator and also took her cell phone. The victim told police she had seen the man in her apartment complex a few days earlier.

One week earlier, police were called to an apartment on Gaston Avenue. The armed suspect in that case knocked on the victim's door and then sexually molested her. The suspect also stole items from the woman's refrigerator and some electronics.

In both cases, the suspect was a Latin male with tattoos on his arms, but police aren't saying whether the cases are linked.

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Link to (redacted) police report

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Andres family is apparently selling Henderson Avenue properties

Jeff Siegel - Lakewood/East Dallas Advocate

East Dallas' Andres family, which has owned parts of Henderson Avenue and lowest Greenville for almost 40 years, has apparently sold its Henderson Avenue holdings to a real estate investment firm in Los Angeles. One Henderson business owner told me he received a letter from his property manager outlining the sale, while a second person with knowledge of the deal said he has met with the new owners. Both requested anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the transaction.

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Argument turns into a stabbing on Lowest Greenville

Update Friday 530pm, from the Dallas Police Department

Patrol officers were flagged down regarding a disturbance. Upon further investigation, officers discovered the complainant received a stab wound, left side of stomach, inflicted by a pocket knife. Complainant was transported by Dallas Fire Rescue MICU to Baylor Hospital. [Comments continue after break]

[Update 10am Friday] An argument turned into a stabbing out on Lowest Greenville on Thursday evening just before midnight. One person is in custody on a charge of aggravated assault. The victim was taken to Baylor with a not-very-deep stab wound to the gut.

Assault victim Jake Ferina, 38, of Rockwall, Texas, waiting for medical assistance after being stabbed in the lower gut.

The person holding the towel or papers has not been identified.
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Four reasons the West Nile Virus spraying program is just like the Lowest Greenville Avenue rezoning

It was a mass effort targeted at just a few issues but hit everything with a giant sledge hammer just to prove a point (mosquitos - bad bars)

It took a lot of public handwringing to get done, mostly for the camera (Rawlings signing the 'declaration of emergency - NSA Hunt holding public meet
ings, both of which were dog and pony shows).

There were alot of unintended consequences, mostly under the 'whoops, we missed that category' (dead birds, sick cats, dead fish - Winedale Tavern, unannounced Certificate of Occupancy fees, stifled economic development, WalMart)

The long-term effects are slow to come out (impact on organic gardens, impact on fishponds, impact on people - bars moving to Skillman/Live Oak causing parking issues, decreased property values, issues re unfair competition)

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Lower Greenville
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