Safe streets

Safe streets

Jeepers, creepers....where'd ya get them peepers

'Creepers,' who sneak into offices to steal, more active in Dallas

By STEVE THOMPSON / The Dallas Morning News

Carmen Little walked into a restaurant inside a downtown Dallas office building. He sat back-to-back with a woman at another table who was eating her lunch.

Police say Mr. Little unzipped the purse she had hung on the back of her chair and stole a wallet from inside.

Though the woman hadn't been looking, luckily someone else was. Mr. Little was arrested after a foot chase with officers. He pleaded no contest this summer and was sentenced to 30 days in jail.

Now Mr. Little, 47, is on a special list circulated to businesses by the Dallas police central business district patrol unit: the top 13 "office creepers."

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Crime statistics Web sites vary in accuracy

By Scott Goldstein / The Dallas Morning News

A growing number of Web sites are crunching local crime data to offer concerned residents a constant flow of e-mail alerts, interactive maps, graphs and charts.

But the information these services rely on and how it's presented can sometimes be unreliable – a fact some site administrators readily acknowledge.

For Dallas police, the Web sites serve as an added tool for a department that already publishes basic incident reports online. Several of the sites take that data from the Dallas Police Department and other agencies and spit it back out in a variety of formats.

While the services vary in how they present raw numbers – whether with color-coded dots on a map or less-flashy listings of offenses by ZIP code – their fundamental purpose is essentially the same. "What these other sites have done, of course, is they have made it more searchable and added more end user value to it, and we think that's very positive," said Dallas police Deputy Chief Brian Harvey.

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Another illegal parking lot bites the dust; RPO enforcement gets aggressive

A long-standing illegal parking lot on the 5600 block of Bell Street was shut down this weekend.

The parking lot, an unpaved lot where three houses once stood, had been operated by three unidentified males for the past year; a former employee reportedly has been operating the property without paying any fees to the property owner. And every time new No Parking signs were placed on the property, they mysteriously evaporated in time for the next weekend of parking services.

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5800 Richmond, 9 am





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More resident parking only by end of June (updated)

Update - The City's Public Works & Transportation department has moved up the installation date for the new RPO signs.

The signs on the north side of 5800 Prospect (an expansion of the RPO currently on the south side) and both sides of the 5800 block of Richmond Avenue will be installed no later than Monday, June 23rd. There will be a one-week grace period before tickets are issued to non-residents.

The RPO on the south side of 5700 Richmond (an expansion of the RPO currently on the north side) will be installed in early July.

The Belmont Neighborhood Association has announced new Resident Parking Only zones within their boundaries.

Two are an expansion of existing RPO Zones - #16 on the 5800 block of Prospect, and #17 on the 5700 block of Richmond.

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