Safe streets

Safe streets

Dallas police arrest 2 in Greenville Avenue armed robberies

Update @ 7am Thursday morning

The DPD Offense Reports for the incidents described below have been posted to the DPD website. They indicate that the two incidents did NOT take place near the corner of Greenville @ Richmond as stated in the DMN report. The complete reports are posted after the story break.

Incident #1 took place at approximately 1130pm when the perps robbed an employee of Good Records outside the store, then ran to a waiting car on La Vista Court. Incident #2 took place a few minutes later, at 1145pm. The perps robbed a female victim in a parking lot near 2100 Greenville @ Prospect. It was after the second incident that police were able to follow and eventually arrest two of the three perps.

After this news broke out last evening, local crimewatch coordinators are asking DPD officials why they were not notified of these incidents on Wednesday morning, as had been the practice after similar incidents occurred.

By ANDREW PANTAZI, Staff Writer, Dallas Morning News

Published: 08 August 2012 10:45 PM

Two suspects were arrested on robbery charges after two holdups Tuesday night on Greenville Avenue. Jammie Brown, 28, is accused of robbing two people at gunpoint with another man. Also in custody is Shakayla Grandberry, 26, who police say was driving the car Brown and the other man fled in. Police were unable to find the other man, who jumped out of the car before police captured Brown and Grandberry about midnight.

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Can an intersection be jinxed??

Update Tuesday afternoon, from the CIty's sign department:

The sign tech arrived at this location on Tuesday. He looked at the stop sign from several distances. The only way to make the stop sign completely visible would be to cut off the entire left side of the tree. Rather than do this it was decided not to touch the tree at this time. I am referring this issue to Code Compliance.

The tree in question probably will need to come down. Upon inspection I will also refer overgrown tree issues back several houses to make the stop sign visible at the proper sight distance. I will create a service request for the District Engineer to check the location for possibly needing a Stop Ahead sign to be placed in advance of this intersection.

By regulation, vehicles are not supposed to park within 30 feet of a stop sign. I don't know what the police officer might have observed when on site for this accident. I am not able to tell how close the vehicle is to the stop sign. You might want to speak with a police officer to see if the vehicle parked near the stop sign needs to be cited.

A two-car collision at the intersection of Palo Pinto and Matilda early this afternoon has neighbors wondering - Is the intersection jinxed???

BD has photographed the results of two accidents at the intersection, both of which happened under similar conditions - Sunday lunchtime, beautiful weather, and claims that the driver going east on Palo Pinto never saw the Stop sign on the corner. Neighbors tell BD other accidents have occurred here, but those records are not online.

Today's accident resulted in minor injuries to the driver coming off Palo Pinto, identified as an SMU student. There were no injuries reported in the June accident.

Three vehicles were involved in the June incident- two that collided in the intersection, and a third parked in the driveway of the second house from the corner on the 5800 block of Palo Pinto, which was slightly damaged when one of the other cars was pushed across the lawn of the corner property into a fence.

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WalMart Lowest Greenville releases updated site maps and truck routes

During a meeting with WalMart reps a few months ago, neighbors who live close-in to the (under renovation) store at the old Whole Foods location asked for information on truck routes, landscaping and other plans for the site.

As one person described them, these documents were moving targets during the planning process. But today, they released four documents to the residents.

Take a look and give BD your opinions. All comments will be compiled and sent back to WalMart. The store is set to open on October 17, which we understand is about two months later than originally scheduled.

BTW - The space formerly occupied by Blockbuster is being remodeled into the store's office, and will include a training center, a food prep area, an employee lounge, employee lockers and other internal amenities.

  1. An extremely detailed site map as of today's work - link. For those who can understand these documents better than us, here is a link to several site plans from the City's files earlier this year, another link.
  2. Landscaping for Greenville Avenue and Belmont Avenue - link
  3. Greenville Avenue entry enhancements - link
  4. Delivery truck turn movements - link
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Here comes the RPO train, whoo hoo, making another stop in Bishop Arts!

When we last visited those intrepid neighbors in Bishop Arts, they were just getting over the shock of losing their first Resident Parking Only zone. After weeks of pressure by Gloria's Jose Fuentes, the Oak Cliff Chamber and bitchy emails by David Spence (who claimed RPO was a racist, flood-causing freak of nature that had to be killed off), and with some assistance from Council Member Delia Jasso, the signs on 300 W. Nealy were unceremoniously removed by the City.

It's not a surprise at all. Kerry Elder, who is in charge of RPO installations, wimped out under the pressure of business owners thinking their customers have first dibs on residential parking spaces. He even admitted to one resident the media attention on RPO all over Dallas was making his job a little more difficult. Instead of going out to neighborhoods and promoting RPO as a way to save a street from crime, trash and noise, he's actively blocking every RPO application until the residents roll over and die.

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Terilli's, Dodie's and property owner respond to RPO on Vickery Blvd

After BD posted the story about the new Resident Parking Only zone on the 5700 block of Vickery Blvd., he recieved replies from the owners of Terilli's, Dodie's Reef and the property they occupy.

BD is posting those comments and any replies here for public review without comment. For the moment.

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