Safe streets

Safe streets

Burglars blowtorch a business

The Dallas Police Department is reporting two business burglaries in the area over the weekend, including one where a blowtorch was used to gain access.

Over the weekend, burglars used a blowtorch to enter the VIP Cleaners in the strip center near Ross Avenue (DPD #123960Z).

An unknown suspect used a blow torch to gain access through the rear metal door. Once inside of the business the suspect stole the listed property - $850 in cash, $800 for a damaged door.

The case has been suspended due to lack of any information about the burglars.

And late Monday evening, Dodie's (Greenville/Richmond) reported an attempted burglary (DPD #124844Z), and a failed attempt to take a wall-mounted television. Total damages were $500 for the door.

Last Wednesday, burglars entered the Save-Way on Henderson @ McMillan by breaking through the back wall (DPD #120234Z) and took $200 worth of cigarettes.

Since January 1, 2012, the Dallas Police Department has investigated 135 business and residential burglaries within Sector 140, which includes Lower Greenville, Lowest Greenville, Vickery Place, Lakewood Heights, Henderson Avenue, and neighborhoods along Central Expressway up to Mockingbird Lane (see map).

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By Avi S. Adelman under Crimewatch , Safe streets
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Parking concerns grow with Oak Cliff's Bishop Arts District

By ROY APPLETON / Dallas Morning News

A proposed rezoning near Bishop Avenue and Neely Street would clear the way for a restaurant near Oak Cliff's Bishop Arts District. And such a change would be bad for its residential neighborhood.

That's what six residents of the Kidd Springs area in north Oak Cliff told the City Plan Commission last week. Among their concerns: more noise, traffic and public parking in front of private homes.

"We've got parking problems coming out our kazoo," Pam Conley, a longtime Kidd Springs watchdog, told commissioners before they unanimously opposed the rezoning request.

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Hunt and Ashford lied about RPO in Uptown, so now let's get some more!

Okay, admit it. You believe everything your City Council rep or her appointees tell you about any particular issue. You trust them to be fair and honest and really care about the concerns of the people who live here in Dallas over the concerns of a stupid bar owner or his drunk customers pissing on your sidewalk. Or worse.

Now, here's what you need to do. Lean forward, put your hands on your backside, and slowly but carefully pull your head out of your asshole. We have another story to tell you about Angela Hunt, Resident Parking Only, and how she tried to screw the residents in Uptown. Trust me, this will be really short, because BD is dealing with how WalMart is trying to screw his neighborhood with the help of so-called neighborhood leaders.

Hunt and Ashford is not the name of two has-been singers playing the headline act at an Uptown Bar, but maybe when there's more RPO than bar parking, that might be all they can do.

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Dallas crime watches are wary of gung-ho citizens who might go too far

By SELWYN CRAWFORD / Staff Writer / Dallas Morning News

Published: 01 April 2012 10:32 PM

The Florida crime watch captain who fatally shot an unarmed teenager had been taking college courses with an eye toward getting a job in law enforcement, had made repeated calls to 911 in the past few years and carried a weapon while patrolling his Sanford, Fla., neighborhood.

Dallas neighborhood watch leaders say people as gung-ho as George Zimmerman rarely publicly display that level of "wannabe cop" intensity, but they say they know folks like that are out there. And it makes them nervous.

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Knox-Henderson keeps shedding restaurants

By Scott Reitz / City of Ate / Dallas Observer

Just three weeks ago, we reported that Horne & Dekker had closed abruptly, on the heels of other failed restaurants in the area. H&D, Redfork and Alma all closed in less than a year, and I wondered if Knox-Henderson was a tough neighborhood for the service industry. Or maybe their food just sucked.

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By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Safe streets
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