Safe streets

Safe streets

Drug deal goes bad, two dead at Burger Street (update 2x)

A late-night shooting at the Burger Street / Mockingbird Lane left two people dead on Tuesday evening. Details are sketchy at this hour, but witnesses in the Phoenix Apartments next to Burger Street reported hearing at least nine shots, then watched one person bundled into an ambulance (which rolled with no lights towards Baylor) and one person heard yelling, "I only came here to meet my brother". One body was on the drive-up window driveway, and police were CSI'ing a racked-up Jaguar parked next to the driveway.

The DMN reports two persons were arrested after the incident, which they described as a drug deal gone south. DPD officers scoured the Phoenix' parking lot, while the DPD helicopter circled the area, in an attempt to find the suspect(s). After following a blood-trail to the apartments, two persons, one with a gunshot wound, was taken into custody.

The male on the ground was identified by witnesses as a brother of one of the victims.

More photos are posted to BD's Flickr account.

The Dallas Morning News story is posted here.

More details about the shooting can be found online at the SMU Daily Campus - click here.

Update from the Dallas Police Department, 1:18pm

The two suspects arrested in the below mentioned double homicide have been identified as Jason Greer Frappier W/M/10-5-86 and Christian Emanual Avalos L/M/1-5-86.  Arrestee Frappier was the suspect who was shot during the offense and he is currently at Baylor Hospital recovering from surgery for a gunshot wound to the elbow.  He is being guarded by officers and will be transferred to jail when he is released.  Each arrestee has been charged with capital murder.   

On 2/16/10 at 10:16 p.m., patrol officers responded to a shooting call at 5500 E. Mockingbird Ln. Upon arrival, Officers found Chad Ryan, w/m/11-22-83, and Robert Allen, w/m/8-16-81, on the parking lot critically wounded from gunshots. Victim Ryan died at the scene. Victim Allen was transported to Baylor Hospital where he also died. Officers followed a blood trail to a nearby apartment where several suspects were located and taken into custody.

It appears that the suspects and victims were involved in a drug transaction when one of the groups tried to rob the other group. Detective's are still interviewing several witnesses at this time. Two suspects are in custody and will be charged with capital murder. One of the suspects arrested was also shot in the arm during the offense and is at Baylor Hospital.

These offenses were documented on case numbers 39994-Y and 40107-Y.

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At UPS, we love logistics, but we also tackle pretty good

A UPS driver is getting credit for tackling a thief who stole just-delivered packages from a local doorstep on Wednesday afternoon. The bad guy will be in custody at Lew Sterret for a while, since he already had two previous convictions for theft.

According to DPD report 0003913-Y, the driver was making a delivery on the 6300 block of Richmond when he observed an unidentified male near the address, who immediately started walking away, which set off the driver's suspicious person radar. After the driver dropped the packages off, he went across the street to make another delivery. That's when he saw the perp take the packages from the doorstep, and he took off after the guy.

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Lost Society - the gift you just can't get rid of

It's been only five months since a Lost Society club patron was shot and killed in June on the Char Bar parking lot, causing a chain reaction of legal problems for the club and its owner (or owners, depending on whom you talk to). Let's review...

  • The alleged owner, Brightman Nwatu, was busted by ICE for skipping on his deportation proceedings five years ago in Austin. He is awaiting deportation to Nigeria at a holding facility northwest of DFW Airport.

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The battle over residential parking moves to Henderson Avenue

Updated July 2 - After a meeting between the property owner's attorney, neighborhood association leaders and business owners, a temporary compromise was put into place. Details after the jump

BD made the mistake of driving on Henderson Avenue about 11pm on Saturday night. Then he decided to compound the error by going around that neighborhood to see how bad the parking really is on the residential streets.

Trust me, when people say Henderson is what Lowest Greenville was ten years ago, they are also talking about the parking issues. Every side street for at least two blocks out was packed with patron cars. A few valets were spied parking customer cars on the residential streets, but we could not stop to grab parking tickets off the windshields. BD would have sworn he was back on the 2000 block of Summit Avenue in 1998, when the battle for residential parking spaces was in full rage.

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Lower Greenville NA's worse nightmare: Free parking promos

Date: Saturday, May 22, 2010

Time: 11pm

Place: 5700 Greenville @ Belmont

For more information about free parking places - Lower Greenville's best-kept secret: Free Parking

Follow the conversation on BelmontNA's Facebook page - click here

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