Safe streets

Safe streets

Cry me a river, find me a service crew?

Two weeks ago, BD encountered this flooded service alley between 5700 Richmond and 5700 Prospect. When he called 311 to report it, the service person told him it had been reported as a broken main and crews were on the way that very moment to fix it.

Maybe we need to send a search-and-rescue team out to find the service crew?

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The Gospel of RPO, Chapter 26: Hibernia 2600 and 2700

The City has updated it's list of streets with RPO protection, adding a street in the Uptown area close to the Hotel ZaZa.

The 2600 and 2700 blocks of Hibernia, located in the heart of the Historic State - Thomas district, now has RPO protection Wednesday through Saturday, Noon to 6am, and Sunday, Midnight to 6am.

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Checkmate! RPO gives another street back to the residents

The Lowest Greenville residential parking puzzle (or actually, the denial of neighborhood parking to bar patrons) got a few more pieces with the approval of another Resident Parking Only zone this weekend. The signs will be installed on the 5600 block of Lewis Street, a small strip on the south side of the recently constructed Tempo La Vista townhomes, by mid-July 2009.

According to the City's notification, the new zone will be included in existing RPO Zone #7, which includes Hope Street on the west side. Enforcement hours will Tuesday and Wednesday, 10pm to 6am, and Thursday - Saturday 7pm to 3am.

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Why can't restaurant patrons park near fire hydrants???

BD has been hearing for months how the restaurant owners north of Vickery Avenue are calling Lower Greenville NA officers to complain about their patrons getting tickets for so-called minor parking violations.

It's not very friendly to our patrons, they say, and lord knows every parking ticket is one less dinner sold in their restaurant.

Do you really believe they even pay the parking ticket???

This is not an issue during the daytime or non-weekend-evenings, so it's gotta be an anti-restaurant patron vendetta, right?? They go looking for a scapegoat, and in this case it's BD.

So what does LGNA tell them?

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How do you make a city walkable? By making Lower Greenville No-Parkable, maybe?

Robert Wilonsky in News You Can Actually Use, Actually / Dallas Observer Unfair Park Blog

Last week, our favorite Barking Dog pointed out the latest Resident Parking Only zone in the Lower Greenville area -- the seventh such RPO zone to take effect in the last year, Avi notes.

To that list, add an eighth: Avi sent Unfair Park an e-mail last night in which he says that the city's Public Works and Transportation Department is set to announce a new one: the 5700 block of Prospect Avenue along the north side of the street.

Click here for the full story - and lots of great blog commentary from people who don't live around Lower Greenville but think they deserve to use our residential parking spaces when they go out to get drunk!

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