DART Cops Arrest PINAC Reporter Photographing in Rosa Parks Plaza, Dismiss Charges

Grant Stern / Photography Is Not A Crime

Dallas Area Rapid Transit cops arrested photographer Avi Adelman in Rosa Parks Plaza, while photographing EMTs administering aid to a catatonic man Tuesday of last week.

On Wednesday of this week, DART issued a statement dropping all charges against PINAC reporter Adelman, as you can see below.

Ironically, the cops who chose to ignore Adelman’s civil rights, did so in a plaza named after the bus-riding civil rights legend Rosa Parks, who was arrested for riding in the front of the bus in Montgomery, Alabama decades ago.

A careful review of the facts show that Adelman was in fact, arrested in a traditional public expressive fora, engaged in protected free speech.

Federal lawsuits filed by citizens against their local governments for abridging free speech activities have been won in far less clear circumstances than these.

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By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Legal issues