Hunt and Ashford lied about RPO in Uptown, so now let's get some more!

Okay, admit it. You believe everything your City Council rep or her appointees tell you about any particular issue. You trust them to be fair and honest and really care about the concerns of the people who live here in Dallas over the concerns of a stupid bar owner or his drunk customers pissing on your sidewalk. Or worse.

Now, here's what you need to do. Lean forward, put your hands on your backside, and slowly but carefully pull your head out of your asshole. We have another story to tell you about Angela Hunt, Resident Parking Only, and how she tried to screw the residents in Uptown. Trust me, this will be really short, because BD is dealing with how WalMart is trying to screw his neighborhood with the help of so-called neighborhood leaders.

Hunt and Ashford is not the name of two has-been singers playing the headline act at an Uptown Bar, but maybe when there's more RPO than bar parking, that might be all they can do.

Back in December and January, there was a big kerfluffle over RPO in Uptown. Just like on Lowest Greenville, the residents had enough of the bar parking blocking their driveways, the noise and the traffic. There were a few RPO zones, but they were not near the problem bars. Right at New Years, RPO appeared next to Nodding Donkey, Si Tappas and Thomas Avenue Brewing Company, paid for by residents across the street who were just tired of being tired. Cue the anti-rich, 99%, you should have looked before you moved in here 20 years ago comments.

At the same time, RPO popped up in Bishop Arts, and OMG you would have believed the end of time had arrived.

So into the fray steps CM Angela Hunt, whose district includes not only Lowest Greenville but Uptown too. She won't say anything except the usual pablum about looking our for all interests, making sure it's safe, and hey, I am in my last term, screw RPO. Hunt then assigns her lead attack dog, City Services Coordinator, Pame La Ashford, to solve the RPO / neighbor problem in Uptown. Ms Ashford declares, For the moment I am the president. She sends out an email to everyone in the Uptown area, stating...

Under the guidance of CM Hunt and Jill Jordan, the City has decided to develop a Taskstream Committee to work on the most effective ways of addressing the noise, parking and event activity issues that are slowly developing citywide, along with the City's economic growth.

She cancels all neighborhood meetings from that day forward. See the full memo below. I just love the closing paragraph.

Announcement email regarding Uptown / City of Dallas Taskstream on RPO

BD heard that one RPO was going to be revoked for funny numbers. But come April, it's still there. Uh???

That's when BD starts poking his doggy nose around and asking questions.

Hey neighborhood folks, have you been to a Taskstream meeting?? No, they answer.

Hey, Ms Ashford, will you tell me what you've accomplished so far in the stream?? [Cue the crickets]

Hey, Ms Hunt... never mind, we don't even bother asking her for the time of day, let alone something serious.

Back in mid-April, BD files an Open Records Request. We asked for a schedule of Taskstream meetings, a list of committee members, agendas, notes, and any other records. We asked for records not only from Ms Ashford, but Ms Hunt, ACM Jill Jordan, Building Inspection, Parking Enforcement and so on and so on.

Open Records Request for TaskStream documents

Almost immediately, Street Services replied - I am so sorry, but we have no frigging idea what you are talking about.

BD thought, well maybe they ended up not participating in the stream. The sight of street repair guys wading into a stream is too much to imagine anyways.

On Monday, BD got flustered when he received a heads-up email from Strategic Customer Services (Ms Ashford's department) saying, Hey, we got news for you - watch your email this afternoon!

Imagine BD's glee at getting this email about 2pm today.

On April 13, 2012, the City of Dallas Public Information Office received your Texas Public Information Act request, for access to:

A copy of all emails from any and all of the following City staff or Elected Officials which outline their participation, plans, goals or ideas for the Task Team - Jill Jordan, AngelaHunt, Pame La Ashford, Mary Suhm, Kerry Elder, John Curington, DPD Chief Mike Genovesi, Steve Cherry Holmes, anyone from Building Inspections.

The City does not possess any documents in response to your request for any and all E-mails of the City Staff or Elected Officials

Crickets, a whole field of them, compressed into one letter, broke out into gleeful singing. Cue the chorus!

Open Records Response April 30 - What task stream???

So, now what does this all mean? Let me say it as clearly as I can get in a short sentence.

In an effort to kill RPO in Uptown, or probably anywhere else in Dallas, Angela Hunt and Pame La Ashford created a lie.

They hoped that by stalling the RPO process (which even the RPO manager agrees was putting the process under a lot of media attention), people would just move on to something else.

They lied and then they covered up and then they got busted.

Since that mess all started, at least one more RPO has been approved for the Lower Greenville area - location still a secret. Another RPO in Bishop Arts hit a road hazard, but it's gonna be back on track soon. BD's been getting lots of calls from Bishop Arts and Uptown residents, from people who thought RPO was dead, asking when they can start submitting their petitions.

Folks, get your petitions ready, it's time to take back the streets. As long as the signatures are legal, there's no reason you can't have RPO on your street. If you need advice, just send me an email.

And by the way, BD sincerely hopes someone at City Hall sees this article and starts the process for firing Ms Ashford for making such false statements and her deceptive behavior. We already had enough of her crap when she screwed the Neighborhood Matching Fund program a few years ago. I can think of a few people much better suited to earning $55,000 a year.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Safe streets