Police find M1 Carbine Rifle and ammo after arrest @ Greenville/Goodwin Friday evening

Dallas Police found M1 Carbine rifle in the car of two persons, one of whom was arrested, following people around the Goodwin/Greenville area of Dallas last evening.

According to DPD Offense Report 0255023-Z, just after 11pm…

Reporting Officers got a call on a white Pontiac with a black man with a black beanie cap who was following people around in the vehicle. Reporting Officers found the vehicle in the 5600 block of Goodwin.

The Suspect, on seeing the police, pulled into the parking lot at location and exited the vehicle. Reporting Officers tried to stop the suspect and Arrested Person. The Arrested Person pushed the Reporting Officers and was knocked to the ground and maced. The suspect ran off from the location northbound on Goodwin.

Reporting Officers found inside of the suspect vehicle an M1 Carbine with 17 rounds in clip [with] a gun case and 76 rounds.


There's no explanation of why the rifle was in the vehicle. Due to TX-OU activities, we won't have any more information from the Police Department until probably Monday.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville