Things you don't want to hear during an armed robbery: He's not playing, and Is that it?

The Dallas Police Department is reporting another armed robbery in the Lowest Greenville area on Friday evening. It happened about 1130pm on the 1800 block of MacMillan @ Madera, not from from Henderson Avenue.

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And if the victim's statements in the report are correct, the two perps are very serious about their work. Like, no sense of humor whatsoever.

The corner was dark and the complainant stated two unknown black male suspects approached him from Madera Street.

Suspect #1 pointed what looked like a handgun at the complainant and stated "Give me your money!" The complainant replied "Are you serious?", suspect #2 who complainant could not see, stated "He's not playing".

The complainant reached in his left front pocket and handed suspect #1 $23.00 dollars. Susp#1 then asked "Is that it?"

As the suspects were fleeing west bound on Madera, complainant called 911 and waited for reporting officers.

Complainant stated that he thought suspect #1 was wearing a red shirt and possibly a dark colored hat. complainant was not able to see suspect #2's clothing, just that he was tall. The complainant was not injured.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville