NSA hosting neighborhood meeting, but not "in" the neighborhood

What if there was a neighborhood meeting to discuss problems in your neighborhood, but the meeting was not being held in your neighborhood? Would you still go to the meeting??

BD hopes you will, if only for the chance to see if NSA Hunt is serious about reaching out to her constituents and the Lower Greenville neighborhoods.

According to an email from NSA's office - and a personal phone call by NSA to BD - the council member is hosting a neighborhood meeting with Lower Greenville, Wilshire Heights, Lakewood Heights, Edgemont Park, Belmont, Hudson Heights, Lowest Greenville West Neighborhoods on October 10, 2005 at the Wilshire Baptist Church Gallery from 6:30-8:30 (4316 Abrams - map link).

This will be one of ten meetings around the district over the next few weeks. NSA told BD - yes, she really does have his phone number and really did call him last week - that she will listen to our concerns and maybe find nominees for the different boards and commissions she has to fill.

It's a done deal, however, when it comes to the Plan Commission- Neil Bobblehead Emmons will be her appointee (sound effect -swirling of Desperate Housewives League members around Neil as he implores, Oh please no applause, thank you, no applause).

BD just thinks that a meeting for Lower Greenville neighborhoods could have been held on or near Lower Greenville. There are plenty of churches and businesses in the area just dying to host this kind of event.

The good news is that NSA recognizes Belmont NA as a full-fledged, albeit new, neighborhood association. Maybe she can drop a very large hint on her ex-DHL cronies to do the same.

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Lower Greenville