The BarkingDogs Primer

If you are visiting this site for the first time after reading about it in the Dallas Morning News, welcome to The Voice of Lower Greenville! We had 15,000 hits between Sunday morning and Monday night, and the email is still flowing in.

To make things easier for our new readers, and to answer a lot of the common questions we are finding in the email, we have prepared a short primer to BarkingDogs.

  • If you want to be on the Barking Dogs mailing list, click here. Use this same page to send your comments and ideas!
  • If you live in the area covered by the Belmont Neighborhood Association (Ross, Greenville, Belmont, Skillman), click here and get on our list. We have a big neighborhood meeting coming up in August.
  • BNA was formed out of the southern end of Lower Greenville NA in 2003. The Lower Greenville Neighborhood Association (LGNA) is really called the Mad Maxine Aaronson Admiration Society. BNA was formed after LGNA ignored our issues of crime and parking in favor of trees and conservation districts. There are 1000 homes in the BNA area, with about half of the residents on our email list.
  • The website is built using a content management system called DRUPAL. It can be updated and managed from any computer anywhere in the world, an asset that has been used extensively in the past week. Think of it as blogging software, but BD is the only blogger.
  • Resident Only Parking is not something we just made up. It is a City of Dallas law that allows residents to control their streets and keep scumbar patrons off them at night. After paying for a survey to determine how many cars on a street do not belong to residents in a given timeframe, the residents pay for the signs on the street and hangtags in their cars. The start-up costs are about $400 per street, and hangtags are $6 a year after that. ROP has reclaimed nearly 1,500 parking spaces around Lower Greenville since 2000. BD helped organize the petitions and raise nearly $3,000 to help get the program started on some of the streets.
  • No Parking One Side was put on many of the little streets in the area only after a big fight with former Council Member Mary Poss, who was trying to protect the bars (not even her district). The M Streets had these signs for nearly 20 years, but we had to fight for every single sign on on our end of the neighborhood, even though our streets are just as or even narrower than the M Streets. The streets belong to the residents, and are not to be used by scumbars for remote parking spaces.Spaces reclaimed: 3,000 +
  • At this very moment, there are people all over Lower Grenville trying to make things change by being nice and conciliatory, while at the same time there are people who take the same proactive attitude as BD. We've been doing this for nearly seven years. Nothing has changed because our City Council reps don't care and won't care as long as we do not vote in each election. Why bother to change things if only 15% of the total registered voters come out on Election Day?
  • The Archives contains almost every article published since 1999, but most of the photos have been removed to conserve server space. If you have a special request, just ask.
  • BNA does not charge for membership, LGNA does. You cannot win a raffle prize at an LGNA event unless you are a member, even if the event takes place in a city park.
  • BD is an American citizen who made aliyah (emigrated) to Israel in 1977, then returned stateside in 1980. He wanted to move somewhere warm (like Israel, not like Philadelphia where he was born) and picked Dallas. Thousands of people now regret his choice to move here. BD speaks passable Hebrew and has an Israeli attitude for survival no matter what. You have a problem with that???
  • LGNA does not recognize BNA, and fights to keep them out of the Dallas Homeowners League (aka The Jerri Arbuckle Admiration Society). Dallas City Council Representative Angela Hunt (nicknamed NSA for Not So Angelic) owes her election to this cabal, so she refuses to recognize BNA as a neighborhood group either.
  • The 2004 version of the off-duty police patrols were not dropped by the businesses supporting it because they believed that BD was an extortionist. The scumbars got tired of their patrons complaining their cars were being towed for parking illegally, or that their friends were busted for public intoxication in the residential areas by a police officer whose expenses were paid for by the same scumbars they were patronizing. By May 2004, nearly 300 scumbar patrons had been cited by the DPD, and that was too many patrons who were not coming back to Lower Greenville for them to lose.
  • NSA Hunt does not have the prerequisite thick skin to be a politician. She does not like this website and unsubscribed from the mailing list on Sunday evening. Where's a Veletta Lill yardsign when I need it.
  • James Slaughter is not the best representative of Lower Greenville businesses, but he's the only one who would talk to a reporter. He is also an idiot. Don't take my word for it - listen to his own rantings, as left on BD's voicemail system in 2003 - click here.
  • This area of Lower Greenville has not always been full of bars and restaurants - check out the list, based on criss-cross directories, for 1967, 1969 and 2000 at this link.
  • Puppette #3 - Shaina - was quoted correctly. Her daddy is a little crazy.
  • The Priceless Whizzers video was posted in 2000 - there were five guys and five girls in the show. The Grand Whiizer contest had 40 contestants vying for the top prize. We will repost it around Texas OU weekend. The images are not on the server, so stop searching for them.
  • Slaughter said a friend of his was fired after being busted online for public whizzing. That's the first time we ever heard that nonsense. I get blamed for posting the picture but she should be forgiven for whizzing in public?? The daughter of a local politician also got exposed for whizzing, but are we supposed to feel sorry for her too?
  • The bars stopped paying for the police patrols in 2004 after the one-eyed robber was captured. Former DPD Chief Danny Garcia and a group of bar owners who did not like having their chops busted online came up with phony charges of extortion so Garcia could look good when applying for DPD Chief position. This was right after he supervised the incident at the Dallas Zoo when Jabra the Gorilla was killed. He wanted to look like a good strong cop but instead showed he was really a Keystone Kop. The charge was dismissed as smelly hazmat sucm by the grand jury. Garcia's out doing patrol services in West Dallas and most of those scumbar owners left since left town.
  • The Hsysterical Greenville Avenue Business Association was formed in 1998, before BD got active in neighborhood issues and after Bill Dickerson got the crap beat out of him by three drunks pissing on the side of his house. It is a phony non-profit group that has less than 10 members, does not allow bars who cater to Asians or Hispanics to join, and operated a phony raffle scam a few years ago (until the Texas Attorney General shut them down). BD qualifies for membership since he operates a business in the area - but everytime he thinks about joining he remembers Groucho Marx' comment - Why would I join a club that would accept me as a member??
  • BD and Bill Dickerson own the domain name HGABA.
  • BD owns the domain name and points it to Belmont NA's website.
  • Slaughter's Whisky Bar was busted in 1999 when the health department found bugs in the liquor dancing the Macarena. Slaughter tried to block the release of his sales records by the City of Dallas by submitting a state sales tax report. The City lost an appeal to the Attorney General, who said they did not care if he filed his records on toilet paper, they were still open records.
  • Pepper spray is expensive - about $20 a can, one time use.
  • Slaughter has posted signs on his door lambasting BD for not allowing dancing on Lower Greenville. That is garbage, since it's Dallas City Code and the Dallas City Council that decides who gets Special Use Permits and Dance Hall Permits. Slaughter is really saying that neighborhood residents should not be allowed to tell the businesses how to operate under the current zoning code.
  • Four Whisky Bar patrons were charged with telephone harassment after leaving messages for BD at 4 a.m. SBC traced each phone call and forwarded the information to the DPD. Don't even think of doing that again.
  • LGNA reps are quoted as declining to comment about BD due to fears of retaliation. They are really afraid of any more bad publicity about how their association is running Lower Greenville into the ground by ignoring the big issues of crime, parking, noise and more. That's why we formed BNA.
  • When you ask Cheryl Kellis for her opinion, be sure to call Troy Dungan and ask him which way the wind is blowing that night. She fought John Loza's re-election tooth and nail in 2003, then couldn't wait to cozy up with him as she and her phony association emasculated CityVille. She served on the Lower Greenville Land Use Study and supported higher density in 2000, but fast-forward to 2004 and she did not want to see anything bigger than a matchbox.
  • If the City were to come out and inspect the scumbars claiming to be restaurants without drive-in service, they would find that half of them do not even half a kitchen. And they would not be able to shut them down under current City Code.

Did I miss anything???

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Lower Greenville